Does Your Resume Have to be 1 Page Long?

“Dear Annie: I’ve been a manager in the training and development field for almost 30 years and, without bragging, I can honestly say that I’ve tackled many complex challenges and produced exceptional results. Now I’m looking for a new job, since my company recently merged with a competitor and there isn’t really room for two people in my current position.

Here’s my problem: I’ve been dealing with a recruiter who insists I have to fit my resume onto one page. I’m trying, but find that I have to leave out a lot. What do you (and your readers) think about this one-page rule? -Stymied”

In, short, no it doesn’t. More and more recruiters these days are taking the extra minutes to fully go over your resume, to make sure you are indeed the right fit for their company. To read the rest of the article, go here.

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  1. G. Lane Cavalier

    In long form – “NO, NO, NO” –

    What it does have to be in concise, well laid out, and give not only what you did but how you did it!!!

    As someone who has read hundreds if not thousands of resumes between work and “helping” friends, I like two, 3 is ok. Unfortunately mine is 3, but with the advent of BI systems for company HR departments, you probably would have one page worth of “key words” and company names if you tried to fit it to one page, especially if you work in a highly technical field like IT or BioPharm.

    A one page summary or “Cover Letter” is a must, but the resume needs to tell the hiring manager what you can do for them. UVP ( Unique Value Proposition ) is the ticket.

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