Adium: The Ultimate OSX Chat Program

Those lucky Windows users have the neat Trillian program, as shown here with a nice description of its features. So what do Mac users have?


Adium, found here, is the OSX version of Trillian for all intents and purposes. It allows you to simultaneously use IM services such as MSN, AIM, Gmail and ICQ, and allows you to download plug-ins and extras through the program itself. For example, I’m currently using MSN, Jabber and Xfire, with a nice downloaded interface and a cookie program icon 🙂

Of course, some of the services lack features. You can’t join servers through xfire, or see handwritten messages in MSN chats. But I for one can survive without these, and it comes with a bunch of its own features. Current song in iTunes as status message, anyone?

For more, visit them at

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  1. I’m glad you like it. This is why we exist.

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