Build Your Own Server – Tutorial Guide

Hey all. I found this great article that teaches you how to setup your own server.

Here is an excerpt:

“If you’re anything like me (even before I got really involved with, you’ve got spare parts everywhere. You know what I mean – systems that you have put aside as you’ve upgraded over the years, like Northwood P4s and Athlon XP boards that have gone the way of the dodo. They aren’t your top gaming rig – they don’t even need 200W to run, much less have 200W for the graphics card.

In my goal of helping you find new and useful ways to use that old crap, it dawned on me – everyone I know complains about files on this computer or that computer, or not being able to get the things they need or want while they’re out or away from their home desk. They needed a file server – a REAL file server, with web interface and bit-torrent and the capacity to not tie up your precious screens and keyboards, which are (at least in my house) in less supply than motherboards and hard drives.

It needs to be fast, extensible, flexible, run on old spare parts, and be completely headless after about two hours. It needs to be Linux. And apparently I need to be our resident Linux expert, Ken “Glider” Gypen…


Check out the rest of it at

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