Safari 3 Beta


Safari, the default Mac browser, is currently in the process of being updated for the new Mac OS: Leopard. The last update saw the introduction of RSS feeds among other features and improvements. The upcoming version promises even more, claiming to be 1.6 times faster than Firefox and 2 times faster than Explorer.

The public beta does not have all of the promised features, but it does boast improved scrolling on most pages, except those with lots of moving images. It’s also disappointing that the way the browser handles animated gifs hasn’t been improved. Nonetheless, you should try out the beta and form your own opinion, now that Safari is available on both Mac and XP/Vista. Click here for more.

Also, for more on Leopard, read here.

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Posted on June 18, 2007, in Computer Programs, Mac Tips, Windows Tips. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Its the best browser, i’ve ever seen. But there were some moments, where the browser crashed 😦
    But its still in Beta (3.01). Lets wait until the full version is out.

  2. I like Safari too, and on a Mac, it is vastly superior to Firefox. My only complaints are that gifs work poorly, history and usernames are saved for two weeks only and you miss out on plug-ins like StumbleUpon and Greasemonkey 😛

    Other than that, I think Safari’s great. Can’t wait for the full version 😀

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