Getright Tutorial

Do you tend to download a lot of stuff from the internet? What you might need to look into is getting a download accelerator program. One of the more popular download accelerator programs you get on the net is a program called Getright.

Here is an excerpt from the website:
“Never have to restart at the beginning after downloading 100’s of Megabytes again.

It doesn’t matter how fast your connection is, if you download big popular files like game demos, Linux installs, or videos, you can still have problems with disconnections or slow servers. GetRight’s resuming and acceleration will make your downloads painless and easy–and as fast as possible.

As this picture shows, even at a good speed, a download can still take hours.

This picture shows how you can see the progress as GetRight downloads different parts of the file at the same time. The colored bars show how different parts of the file are downloading at once–a faster server would fill its block, then jump to help fill another part of the file. ”

See more about the program at this site: Link

Now I was able to find a youtube tutorial showing you how to set it up, but because the creator disabled embedding, here is the link instead.

Youtube Getright Tutorial

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