How to Play SNES on PS2

Did you know that you can play SNES roms on your playstation 2? Yes, that is correct! All you need is a modchip of some sort for your playstation 2, like swap magic or HDA loader, and from there you need to download SNES station. Google for SNES station, and burn it to a regular CD (I think).

From there, load up swap magic, swap the disc with SNES station, and you are good to go! Relive the memories!

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  1. This Concept of playing SNES on the ps2 is awesome …
    but if u guys had a uLaunchELF CD and if you are intelligent , you guys would consider getting the Snes station.ELF file frm

    there are a lot of other emulators (like the sega gen emulator) for the the ps2 on that link .. : )

    U just need to find and download the .ELF file of your emulator and get a UlaunchELF CD (theres an awesome tutorial by our very own versatileninja on UlaunchELF and how to burn it..he even has youtune videos … )

    • And u need to boot the corresponding emulator .ELF file frm the UlaunchELF menu

      u could either put the ELF file in a USB stick or a USD HDD and launch the program through UlaunchELF ..

  2. Well the ps2 is kinda outdated, I would much rather run bnes on my computer

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