PS2 Slim – Create your own sensor blocking tools!

Have a slim PS2? You can create your own sensor blocking tools using a straw, cardboard, and some paper. By blocking the sensors on the PS2 slim, you will be able to play backed up games using Swap Magic.

What is Swap Magic? Swap Magic is a swap disc that your playstation 2 reads, and it tricks your ps2 into being able to play backed up copied games.

Where can you buy Swap Magic? Try If you have a fat ps2, you will need to get Swap Magic with slide card. In next few days, I will have a tutorial showing you how to make your own slide card. Muahaha.

See youtube video below, it does a great job showing you how to make your own sensor blocking tools for the playstation 2 slim to make it work properly with Swap Magic.

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  1. OK…now i readed some other comments and i understood tht i don’t have a third sensor,so now all i have to do is just buy a SwapMagic set.But does there exist other programs like swapmagic?

  2. yep…swap magic is a metod….but i mean does there exist any programs like swap magic?for swaping the cd/dvd with the backup game?something similar to swap magic i need.

    • There is a method where you can use a legit sports game, make a backup of that game with a modification such that when you put in the real sports game, you do a swap with the backup disc, select online, and then it goes to a unlaunch elf screen and you can do your modification. Another method is some james bond game, but I don’t remember off hand. You can go to forums and ask about this method.

  3. This post is great. thank you for sharing these helpful infos. I appreciate your work man

  4. I think u need 2 list d procedures 1 by 1 nd let it be straight foward i’m proud of y’all

  5. does my ps2 slim break if i do this? and i have a 77004 model does that have a third sensor?

  6. can i do it whit paper tissues to.
    but i still got my biggest question how much sensors does an ps2 slim 77004 black have?

  7. i have a slim ps2 which was modded on oct 2007 ..i borrowed it from a friend of mine…
    I connected the ide hd to pc and found it to be unallocated and unformated (dont ask me y i did that)…

    SO now when i turn on the ps2 there is no list of games…the matrix logo appears and then sony browser and config menu appears..No list of games…….It already is modded with matrix infinity modchip i guess… drive is disconnected….

    I am unable to make head or tale of it….please help

  8. i have a slim ps2 that was modified to play unoriginal games. Does it need the swap magic to play backed up games from a hard dirve….?

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