PS2 Slim – Create your own sensor blocking tools!

Have a slim PS2? You can create your own sensor blocking tools using a straw, cardboard, and some paper. By blocking the sensors on the PS2 slim, you will be able to play backed up games using Swap Magic.

What is Swap Magic? Swap Magic is a swap disc that your playstation 2 reads, and it tricks your ps2 into being able to play backed up copied games.

Where can you buy Swap Magic? Try If you have a fat ps2, you will need to get Swap Magic with slide card. In next few days, I will have a tutorial showing you how to make your own slide card. Muahaha.

See youtube video below, it does a great job showing you how to make your own sensor blocking tools for the playstation 2 slim to make it work properly with Swap Magic.

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  1. You dont need swap magic to play games if you blocked the sensors on a slim. i blocked my sensors yesterday took about 5 minutes, all you have to do is swap the disks at the correct times, i know it works for psx games not sure for ps2 though.

    if anyone needs help on doing this just email me

  2. I have a very hard time believing this.

    Write down the process here:

    The instant you put in the game, you know that it instantly starts loading.

    So lets say I have retail PS2 game.

    Is this the process?

    1) Block 3 sensors.
    2) Insert retail game.
    3) Wait for PS2 logo.
    4) Swap retail game with burnt game.
    5) If swapped fast enough, the burnt game works and you can rofl out loud all you want.

    Verify the method or post yours.

  3. I have the same model of PS2, and I’m trying to get the third sensor blocked, but I can’t seem to get the straw in right. Is it absolutely necessary to have this one blocked? Cause aside from moving the laser, I don’t see how it is necessary.

    • @versatile1 …LOL , how do u deal with these stupid comments ?? …. I have just read that ‘Results of the Social Questions Experiment’ … and i got one conclusion
      ie You have a real hard time running this amazing Blog !!!

      @ ewazwesxz … I think u have come to the wrong blog … LOL ….
      anyways , nice way to seek attention.. : P .. but i dont think anyone is worried by your shit.. : )

      • The guy was spam, so I marked him as one.

        It is amazing how many questions I get, and at least in that social experiment I was finally able to quantify it. It is truly a lot of work!

  4. Yes, you need to have all 3 sensors blocked. The one near the hinge is the hardest one to get in.

    Make the straw thinner, or use really thin cardboard.

  5. I can get the straw in, but I just can’t seem to get it to hit the sensor. Maybe I’ll have an easier time with cardboard.

    How long and wide should I cut the cardboard?

  6. perfect tutorial but i did something really different on the last sensor but it voids the warranty. i opened my ps2 and placed a small square of duct tape over the sensor. its a little easier but u know…the warranty thing.
    here is a pic of what i did just in case

  7. instead of the straw jusr open the ps2 and tape down the switch directly instead of pushing a straw in there you only need to to do that and the peice of paper, Sensor 2 is not neccasary

  8. Nice guide Versatile!

    Were you able to confirm that you do not need Swap Magic?

    • No not yet. To the best of my own personal experience, you need to block the sensors, as well as have swap magic.

      The guy who said it worked before I am still sketchy on it, as he tried it with PSX games, and not PS2.

      Well, this does us no good, right?

  9. Yup, it seems to be that way. Still, I find it very strange that you cannot copy or download Swap Magic. Are these guys the only ones that have found a working copy protection? Not sure if I can be bothered buying Swap Magic as I will only have access to the ps2 for a few days.

    • It is not strange at all. The retail swap magic does not use concentric data rings. Instead, it uses jagged circular data rings.

      This means you cannot copy it with your PC, but the PS2 can still read it. For sake of argument though, lets say that you could really copy the swap magic to a blank dvd. It still wouldn’t work though because the PS2 would say “invalid PS2 disc”.

      The swap magic needs to be factory silver pressed, and then the PS2 can read it. How do the resellers get these discs? No idea. I just use it and abuse it. ;p

      In your case, if you hardly use the PS2, then you are not missing much I suppose.

  10. I’m sure you’re right. I guess that I’m just used to “if it can be made, it can be copied”. Think I’ll have to give up my soft-mod project for now. Thanks for your help anyways!

  11. Hello I would just like to say that this has to be one of the best tutorials for this kind of thing I’ve seen on YouTube. I just got me a slim PS2 (I also have a fat one) for use with my Free McBoot tutorial videos that I’m working on and I did manage to get my laser to move after blocking the 3rd sensor I just couldn’t keep it pressed down. I think it may be the fact that the straw I’m using is just too big and leaves a hole for the sensor button to get unpressed when it passes under it.

    I do have something for Skywalker though. Free McBoot is a memory card exploit that combined with ESR you will be able to play just about any burned games without the need for Swap Magic or any other swap trick. You just patch the image of your game with the ESR Patcher which tricks the PS2 in to thinking the disc is a DVD Video disc and Free McBoot will detect this and boot ESR (if it is installed if not you will just get a black screen or if you aren’t using FMCB at all it will boot the DVD Player and give you an error). ESR will then flash a bunch of colors on the screen and then your game is loaded. That’s all there is to it no swaping and no jaming the sensor and it works on all PS2s other then then new white and silver models since those took out the feature that this exploit utilizes. The only trick to installing FMCB on to your memory card is being able to load homebrew on your PS2 in the first place.

    Anyway sorry for the long post and I’m sure this will be filed as spam but I just had a lot to say and wanted to share my knowledge with everyone and I hope this is useful. If anyone has any questions about this feel free to email me.

  12. The only thing that is a pain for a current swap magic user if the database of games is large enough is that he would have to go back and manually patch all those games now.

    However, any future game will now be fixed to work with ESR and the FMCB method as you mentioned.

  13. Thank you! I bought swap magic but lost the tools it came with, now I can play my backup games :D.

  14. Hi, I´ve got a PS2 Slim. I don´t play it at all, so I decided I may as well mod it… I don’t want to spend any money modding it though.

    What can you recommend?


    • @Tom: I recommend you don’t do anything at all, as you have to spend some money to make this work. At the very least, you need swap magic 3.6, which with shipping, is $30. Then you can make your own magic key tools (sensor blocking tools), and you can play backed up games that way, or I can send you a link to make an exploited memory card hack.

      But at the very least, to do any type of modding, you need swap magic or a mod chip. Swap magic is by far the best way to go these days. If you want to save money, don’t even bother modding your PS2, as you probably have no intentions of playing games anymore. Why not sell it on craigslist then? ;0

  15. Hi. I remember having my PS1 modded and it didn’t need a “swap magic” disk. All I had to do was put in a original PS1 game and wait for it to stop, then being able to put in the copied disk and have it work great. Do I REALLY need to get a swap magic disk for this PS2 slim mod??

    • Katie: Yes, or you get a modchip (which is rare these days). Of if you are ambitious, you can try to do a memory card exploit, but swap magic is still required ;p.

      Or you look up memor32 (google it) and there is another alternative.

      For the PS1 games, it may work in the PS2 but I never had success with it as you need codebreaker I believe. You are better off playing the PS1 games in your PS1.

  16. What type of disk do I copy the games on to in order to use them in the modded PS2? CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, ect.. Which one?
    Thanx in advance.

  17. Hi. Katie again. I forgot to ask… Can I use my old copied disks I had for my PS1 in the modded PS2?

  18. i just bought swap magic and the website that i bought it on says that I needed to buy a seperate flip top cover if I wanted it to work. Is that true or can I just do the paper, straw and cardboard thingy. I have a slim ps2.

  19. Hey ho ^^
    One short question

    the third sensor ??

    what it does, why i schould block it ? ^^

    i blocked only the first to sensors and when i turn on the ps2 the disk runs and i have no problem to play ^^

  20. Really? Which third sensor are you referring to, the top left one?

  21. Exactly the top left one ^^
    i dont no what the sensore does but its able to run the ps2 open when u only block the cd blockade and the sensore near the power button ^^

  22. mister italienjob

    hello i put the straw in the 3d one but when i got it but when i push the laser didnt go up and down

    • You haven’t made the three sensor tools block the sensor correctly. If you did it right, when you insert a game and turn on the PS2, the disc will start spinning and loading even though if the top is open.

  23. Hope you haven’t already answered this question, but by doing this does it only allow you to play “backup” ps1 games, or does it work for both ps1 and ps2 games? Trying ASAP, thx.

    • Sorry, my method does not work for PS1 backups. You need ARMAX or codebreaker. I never had success with fat ps2 with PS1 backups, nor do I want to buy more tools to play PS1.

      I just play PS2 games. You can try to play the PS1 backups on your computer using bleem or similar ps1 emulators.

  24. hello everybody i found it much easier to take apart the ps2 slim and block the third sensor with some tape it is easy enough but be aware that opening the ps2 will void the warranty.

  25. Just to be sure, this works with the new slim PS2, right, not just the original slim?

  26. 13eyond13irthday

    Memor32s are expensive, they average around 70 dollars. I find voiding the warranty and opening my PS2 up to block the sensors much easier.

  27. whatever Tsukasa did about not blocking the third sensor… does that really work…? am going to try and find that out… if that is true then LOL… why take the pain of pushing straws in that teeny weeny slit….

  28. Awesome video!! I really loved it! You rock!
    But I have a question. I got a PAL PS2 slim SCPH-90004. I blocked the first sensor with that tiny piece and all of sudden the laser already moved O_O Like it should when you put the straw in the very last one. That’s strange, or is that normal?
    I once read something there wouldn’t be a third sensor in the 90004, is that true? Thank you.<3

    • I have no idea. I thought all PS2 slim would have three lasers, but I could be mistaken.

      All I will advise now is to continue blocking the sensors one by one until it reads your swap magic correctly.

  29. could you please help me and send me a step by step tutorial on how to dowlaod the games and burn them please please

    • Sad, very sad. Haven’t you seen my youtube videos on the subject?

      • Hey man love the tutorial. I have a question for you though; seeing as my ps2 already lost it’s warranty I’d like to block the sensors of with tape? Would you be able to point the exact location of all the three sensors on a 90004 mobo?

        • I don’t have a slim at my location right now. My camera is not that best in capturing that kind of detail. What I suggest is that you know where the cardboard/straw/sensors need to go, so open up the PS2 slim and block/depress those 3 sensors on the same position on the motherboard.

          As far as tape is concerned, scotch tape or electrical tape will be enough.

  30. You don’t need swap magic unless you don’t have the original game. If you do have the original game, just swap disks at the right time.

  31. Here’s a heads up to everyone who owns a PS2 SCPH-90000 model:

    I just got a PS2 Slim SCPH-90000 model, and did this sensor-blocking tutorial. But after blocking the first two sensors, the PS2 read the disc. So I did NOT have to stick the straw in the upper-left corner by the hinge. This is only for the 90000 model, though.

  32. do v need swap magic after blocking those censors..
    i mean i m confused, plz explain me y 2 block those censors
    and after blocking censors can v really play copied games???

  33. Ive blocked the first two sensors (even though it says on the box don’t block the second one) but the third one which is supposed to push some switch down doesn’t seem to work. I used slim tools 1-3. Any other way of doing the 3rd one whatever it is.

  34. i have just downloaded swap magic latest version can i burn it upto dvd and then can use it???????? pls tell

  35. also any way to play copied cd withot using swap magic

    • Yes, in fact there are two ways.

      1) The ESR feature in Free McBoot.
      2) Mod chip.

      Modchips are risky.
      And Free McBoot is possible, if you have a friend who could lend you the original swap magic disc, or maybe he would help you install the Free McBoot on your memory card using his/hers ps2.

      Bottom line: Swap magic is the Best to go. It just costs around $30.. check, to buy it.

      • Bottom line: Swap magic is the Best way* to go. It just costs around $30.. check, to buy it.

        I hate it when i skip words. 😐 LOL

  36. You don’t need swap magic, you can softmod your ps2 with FreeMCBoot.

    • I understand your intentions are GOOD, but let’s think outside the box for a second. How does a user install Free McBoot? To do so, you need a third party tool (modchip, swap magic, another friend who has a third party tool). If you don’t have a third party tool, telling people to install Free McBoot is useless.

    • im gonna have to go with versatile on this one….i mean hes right…… cant install fmcb on your ps2…without….a modchip, swap magic, or mem32 etc,….also
      i also just bought swap magic 3. And its the best way to go

  37. I have just received my Swap Magic disc, I have the slim 90004 ps2….. Took the thing apart, only found two sensors to block, the one above the reset switch and the one on the cd brake….. anyhow, powered the ps2 up, without the cover on, put in the swap disc, up game the swapdisc logo, with load program, swapped the discs with a dvd r copy (er… backup)…. and just got a invalid ps2 disc error message…. i tried this with 4 other discs and got the same message, I can assume…

    1) The Ps2 must be hacked properly, as the Swap Cd is being read…

    2) That the backups I made must be bad, and I should try burning using a different program. I used Poweriso to restore the iso images I had. I guess I should also try a different brand of dvd..

    Do the experts agree?

    • 1) Does your ps2 slim still spin the discs when the lid is open? If so, then we know you got the sensors blocked correctly.

      2) You might be using bad media. Use 1st class dvd blank media discs.

  38. Thanks Versatile,

    Yep, the discs spin, but I did notice that the swapmagic cd spins nice and fasts, where as my backups, tend to go slower….

    Any advice?

    • The backed-up game still works, right ?
      Is so, you don’t have to worry about the speed of the disc.

    • Does the slim recognize your ps2 swap magic? If so, that is a start. Then make sure you are burning your games correctly on quality blank dvd media.

  39. Nope, A after I swap out the Swapmagic, and then put in the backup, the disc spins for a bit, about 30 seconds, then stops, a message then appears on the screen saying invalid ps2 disc, I have burnt a backup using a more expensive disc with the same result……

  40. On another side issue, is there a limit capacity as to what size USB flash you can load MCBOOT onto, as I have been using a 2gig size and the Swapmagic splash screen just freezes without any options been given. I have tried this twice, once with a 2 gig and an 8 gig flash…… Any suggestions here?

    Thanks also….

  41. Ok! In all humiliation I return with my head bowed….. I made a stupid error….. first of all I received 2 discs for Swapmagic, one cd and one Dvd…. I was using the wrong disc….. I ised the DVD swap and it works 100% , no problems….

    I still cannot resolve My MCboot problem though……


  42. @ Ice ,

    Thanks for the advice, will give it a bash 2morrow…. so instead of trying to install onto the MC from a usb flash, u reckon I should install from a DVD then….


  43. I found this:

    “All consoles made before mid 2008 work with FMCB. The new Slim SCPH-9xxxxx models with a Date code of 8C and a BIOS v230 dont work with FMCB. All models after this version also will not work with FMCB.”

    Here is what is on my PS2: SCPH-90004CB 4-107-847-02

    I am not sure how to read this, is my machine not capable of loading FMCB then? If not , is there another solution?

    • What’s the datecode of your PS2 ?
      I can say whether your PS2 is FMCB compatible or not, through your datecode.

      In the above picture, The encircled ‘8C’ is the datecode.

      PS: ULaunchELF is just a PS2 ELF launcher. You still install FreeMcBoot through your USB media.

  44. My Date code is 9D

    SO i guess that’s me buggered, cannot run FMCB, guess I will just have to stick to the SM. Wanted to plug my HDD with PS2 Iso’s on it, Save the SM disc…..


    Out of curiousity , why was’nt FMCB developed to support later models?

    Oh! and thanks for the help…..

    • I can answer this one. Sony figured out that people were exploiting the PS2 slim memory exploit, so they fixed that in later revs. This is why you are screwed with your model and FMCB.

      This is why when I bought a used slim, I looked for a very special model, LOL.

      • So does that make FMCB better than Swap Disc in the long run? I have a 75001 (first two of the serial # are “AU,” letter next to the model # is “b,” the two-alphanumeral date code is “6B”).

        I’m not so familiar with FMCB, so I’d like to go with whichever is better for the PS2 hardware between FMCB and SM (which I’m far more familiar with… and which seems far easier to use).

      • Just to add: The reason I’m asking is because I can trade in my 75001 for a used 9000x with very little price difference, and the internal power supply would be nice… but I’ll go with whichever supports a wider range of games-that-would-need-SMagic-or-FMCB.

        • You have a slim right now that is of 75001? Do not go to the 9000x series, as you risk the chance of getting a model that is not compatible with FMCB.

          I have a SCPH-770012 slim and it great in the long run. I love the ethernet port so I can save the laser even more and play games from the PC or network attached storage. >_>

          • If I could get back to you on the specifics (model/serial/date code), would that help determine whether it’s FMCB-compatible or not?

            For what it’s worth, it’s not like this 75001 is completely unblemished… it once literally got pulled off of a 3-foot-high shelf while running a game and crashed to the floor… without breaking, so far as I know. Once plugged back in, it was able to use the SMagic function, the SMagic-needing game ran normal, and the system has continued to work properly ever since.

          • What’s the 770012 advantage over the 75001, by the way? Main reason for the interest in the 9000X is pretty much entirely on the internal power supply.

            • Please explain the internal power supply. Wikipedia PS2 models has all the answers that you need.

              • Checked yesterday — the item in question is a 90001. The “micro-letter” next to it was an “a,” the serial is HU6668329, and the date code next to that is “9C.” (The system # with bar code is PA266683290, but I doubt that that matters as much as the preceding numbers.)

                Would that be one of the ones not supporting FMCB?

  45. Thanks Versatile and Ice, I ring my fists in rage, I should have done more research before buying……. Guess I will have to stick to SMagic….. Does this mean that there will be no more research into further MC exploits…. ?

    • Pretty much.
      But there is another exploit called ‘The Independence Exploit.’
      I don’t know much about it, but I’m sure that its not even nearly as good as FMCB.
      Research it though.

  46. I got my hands on my brothers older ps2, he has two of these machines, I have already dismantled it at work and bypassed the three sensors, 2 morrow I will take in FMCB and see what I can do…. It just dawned on me, that I did’nt really need FMCB, but now I just gotta see it in action…..

  47. hi this is william i have a a mellfunktion with my ps2. i tryed the steeps u u showed me on the computer. and they didnt work. i dont know if u can help me out with it and do u know ware i can get relplacement parts for it. it still will not spin the disc

  48. HI!I have a new PS2 Slime SCPH-90004 version.How do i block the third sensor without warranty voiding?I tried to stick some things in the gap of the third sensor but it didnnt work?Could somebody please help me?

  49. Also i blocked the first 2 sensors and magicaly DVDs with burnt games on them spin with top open,but after a few seconds it stops and shows me to introduce a Playstation 2/1 disc.This is shown when i introduce also the swapmagic disk.For reading the disk do i have to block the third sensor?If not….at wut is good the third sensor?

  50. OK i understand….but how without warranty voiding?is there any method tht i can do miself,without buying any magic key or bla bla bla?

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