PS2 Slim – Disassembly

Need to disassemble your PS2 slim? Why would you want to do that? Well, perhaps you need to clean the laser, or you did the straw mod trick and your straw got stuck inside the PS2. See the youtube video to become a PS2 Sliim disassemble master!

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  1. yes hi im trying to do this but my assambly is differnt. instead of the motherboard and lense togather they are seprate my modal is79001 and i dont want to fuck it up so help plz?79001

    • You have nothing to worry about. All SLIMS are the same in terms of method of construction. I did not take apart my slim. No, I used the trusty straw or cardboard cereal mod to block all 3 sensors.

    • I don’t know much about the scph-79001 ..
      but anyways, what version is it ??. My guess is that, it should be V18

      And do you have a modchip ??.. If yes, there is a high possibility that the lens and the motherboard are separated with the wires which comes along with the modchip.
      but if u did have a mod chip , why would u disassemble your ps2 … hmmm

      Tell me why you want to disassemble your ps2 !!! … and whether if u had the modchip .. and if u did , which mod chip do you have … : )

      • its gonna take me longer that the war was!!!!!!!

        i have tried to mod my ps2 but i just cant do it can you please reply and tell me some coo; mods and fantsey games

        BOB MARLEY – AGED: 95 years old

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