Playstation 2 Mod – Play SNES Games on the PS2!

For the record, I have tried this and it worked perfectly. Here is the lowdown:

If you have Swap magic, or some other kind of Playstation 2 mod, did you know you can play SNES roms on the Playstation 2? Yes, it can be done.

This is what you need to do.
Go to the official homepage of SNES station here.
There you can find the SNES station program. Download it and extract it if need be. From here, you need to get SNES roms. Go to your favorite rom site to find some SNES roms. I like to go to

Once you have some roms, put them in a rom folder, and proceed to burn the SNES data files along with your ROM folder. Now boot the SNES disc with your swap magic, and you are good to go!

What I did actually was I searched torrents for a copy of SNES station, as this one guy has already made SNES station disc, with over 500 SNES roms. It is missing a few games, like some of the metroid games, but hell man, that saves you time downloading all those games. Did I mention all of this fits on a 700 MB disc? Yup. The only caveat to SNES station is that some games don’t work at all, or it skips or runs very slow. Well, its just an emulator, but games like Super Mario World 1 flys!

I found a youtube video that should show you what its like to use SNES station on your PS2. Yes, you can play SNES roms on your fat or slim ps2, just make sure you have the proper tools and mods.

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  1. im trying to find a place where i can buy the snes rom disk i dont want to make one i just want one with 500 are so games on it do u know any sites are where i can buy them??

  2. Look, buying roms that you don’t own is illegal. :p

    Do what I did, and just download the CD that has the SNES roms for you. Look at isohunt or for ideas.

  3. what store can u get these mod chip things?…

  4. ok, how did you download super mario world?? it says it isn’t available for download…..

  5. Updated the tutorial to have my own video instead.

  6. Can you go on the internet and view porn on a ps2 slim or is it just online for playing games only?

    • No. You can view porn I suppose if you put it on a usb thumb drive and use the SMS player to watch it.

      Seriously though, PS2 slim is for PS2 games. Surfing internet is with the PC. Get over it.

  7. I have a question how can you burn multiple files on one CD-R? I have my Roms and the Snes Station which is about 200MB but with DVD Decrypter I can only burn one file. Is there an alternative to what I can do?

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