[How To] Make Your Own PS2 Slide Card

[Update] The origin of the picture and the video is credited to MusicMasteria. His website is here.

[Update] Updated template picture, courtesy of MusicMasteria.

Looking to buy Swap Magic? Save yourself a few dollars by not ordering the Swap Magic with slide card. Instead, order the Swap Magic disks, and then make your own slide card and save $5 bucks.

Last weekend my brother took a fresh values card from Dominick’s and cut out a design that is effectively the slide card to use for the fat PS2. I will have him scan it so you can see what it looks like.

I linked directly to the image, so its going to be a little wide. The dimension on the side that is cutoff is 1-1/8″.

Here is a template provided by MusicMasteria,
Slide Card Template

and a YouTube video from MusicMasteria demonstrating how to make your own slide card!

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  1. I see that you used both my slide card template and my video. Thank you. I would also apriciate it if you could link back to my site in this tutorial. I will fix my picture on the website and you could then change yours if you wanted to.


  2. Of course. The Underground will put your link in the tutorial.

  3. The template has been updated. I recommend that you also read the note above it on the site. Also, Thank You for adding the credit line at the top.

  4. If you can , put dimensions in centimetres
    thank you in advance

  5. I will try to get a picture up with centimeters in the future.

    For time being, you could just go to google and convert from inches to centimeters.

    But because The Underground staff loves to do work so you don’t, here are the conversions:

    .5 in = 1.27 centimeters
    1-1/8in = 1.12500 in = 2.8575 centimeters
    3/4 in = .75 in = 1.90500 centimeters
    1.5in = 3.81 cm
    2.5in = 6.35cm
    2in = 5.08 cm
    (3/8) in = 0.9525 centimeters
    (3/16) in = 0.47625 centimeters

  6. Is that a cue for me Versatile1?

  7. If you want to jump the gun, yea, if you can provide the cm dimensions, that would be awesome.

  8. music, give me your email, i need to send you something. well, its not a need, but its a want, and i want to lol 😛

  9. Could you put this on your site:

    It is the Fan Site for the game Eternal Sonata. They are entering all new members before November 15 the chance to win 1 of 3 Eternal Sonata game. Then, if any of those 3 people were refered by a member(s) of the site, that/those member(s) will win a a prize as well. The picture I provided uses a link that puts my name as the referer of anyone who registers from that link.

    I will get on making the measurements in cm soon. I will have plenty of time in a few days. And what did you want to send me? I didn’t get anything yet…

  10. I guess comments don’t allow html… well here is the info taken out of the html. (If you need it back in html I will have to do it through email)

    Link to put on picture:

    Picture info:
    height=75 width=375 http://www.geocities.com/musicmasteria/ES_banner.jpg

  11. We can post your request soon, k? Voltaire will contact you soon, I promise.

  12. Tada!

    So exactly what am i getting in this email and when am i getting it?

  13. is there any way to copy swap magic disks to work without having a modded ps2

  14. Sorry joe soap, The is no way to copy swap magic disks and have them work in a ps2 w/o a mod. The way swap magic works is it is a origonal disk that the ps2 recognizes, then its program allows you to swap it for another game and play it instead. If swap magic weren’t an origonal, it wouldn’t be able to play in the ps2 in the first place (like all other ps2 games).

  15. Joe, the PS2 disc is factory pressed. Furthermore, your regular DVD burner cannot read the disc, because the data is in a jagged circular motion.

  16. what type of plastic do u use ?please

  17. I used an old Border’s rewards card.

    Use something similar, say an old library card, or anything of that nature.

  18. do i have to do something to be able to use it ?
    i useda old lib card

  19. how can i chat with u ..u got yahoo mess?

  20. do i have to open it up or something to use it?

  21. i sont have that do u have msn or yahoo

  22. do u have yahoo or msn?

  23. I have msn. Contact me free_serials @ hotmail.com

  24. yes its possible to play burned games without swap magic or a mod chip. contact me if you would like help. kant.think.str8@gmail.com

  25. Actually, there are other ways too, such as memory card exploit, and the ARMax code breaker exploit, but thats under the assumption you got the extra tools.

    Not everyone has it, so I say swap magic is the easiest and cheapest.

    Phallen, you are more than welcomed to write it up if you think it is worth sharing. 😛

  26. Yea i was talking about the using AR Max to get the cogswap exploit onto your memory card. It is the cheapest if you already own a gameshark/AR Max/codebreaker. Mixed with this very helpful tutorial, it works like a charm. 🙂

  27. All I will say is that the memory card exploit is not a walk in the park, and you have own the gameshark thing. Of course, if you are a cheater in the first place, then I guess it couldn’t hurt to spend some more and save a few bucks.

    However, if you do not have codebreaker/gameshark, then go with the swap magic alternative.

    Heck, go with the HD loader if you have a PS2 hard drive to save your PS2 laser life. 😛

  28. Ha, i actually used the AR Max because you can copy saved games from the memory card to a thumb drive and vice-versa. Instead of buying a 4 20$ memory cards, id rather just spend 40$ on AR Max, and my endless supply of thumbdrives and portable storage will take care of all the saved games i will ever need. Not to mention the added exploits that comes with the Max. 😉

  29. Nice, but there is another utility (boot disc) that needs to be loaded with swap magic, and from this I can also transfer saved games from the PC to the PS2 and vice versa via thumb drives too.

    So things are not too different you see. Oh well, I’m not going to pout and say which method is the best.

    I will just say that whatever route the customer goes with, he will win in the end ultimately. Now everyone is happy. 🙂

  30. SOMEONE needs a dictionary for christmas…

  31. will this swap card only work on the fat ps2’s or all ps2’s? I have a black slim I think

  32. Swap card only for FAT PS2. Slim PS2 you need to make your own magic tools, which is easy.

  33. sorry the comments is in the wrong section but i couldn’t find the link lol and last time i tried i couldn’t reply either so yeah and the thing i wanted to ask how do you play ps2 games on portable hard drive i have swap magic and portable hard drive an i put the games on the hard drive with usb advance or extreme i cant remember i pluged it in the ps2 and i put swap magic cd in and yeah nothing really happened… oh yeah and my ps2 is a slim and its chipped soo i dont know please help

  34. Link is here: https://versatile1.wordpress.com/2008/01/12/how-to-boot-games-off-usb-with-ps2/

    Have you ever got to the USB advanced loading screen with swap magic?

  35. All right, I’ll do a new tutorial with a video of how this works sometime this weekend.

    Did you follow the tutorial correctly? Ideally, the swap magic will check the swap magic file .elf file on your hard drive, and from there it will boot USB advanced.

  36. all that swap magic did was put a file on my memory card and thats it and then it went to a blank screen, by the way does a slde card have anything to do with what im trying to do?

  37. Hi Versatile1 !

    I have been looking for a slide tool picture (using the metric system), finally I found it here, but, bad luck, links are broken (even the Youtube video has been removed), so no way to get it… Would you mind to upload the picture to MU, RS or any other site?

    Thank you very much in advance. Best regards !

  38. Hey, thanks for the link.

    Best Regards.

  39. It’s possible to get that picture online again?.

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