How to Unlock Your iPhone

With the craze of the iPhone, it is no surprise that users are doing what they can to unlock the phone to use 3rd party applications, or to use the phone with carriers besides AT&T.

Did you know that in three days, Apple sold over 750,000 phones, which for Motorola took them a whole month to sell the Razor phones at the same quantity? Yes, iPhone is damn nice commodity these days.

Anyway, I found two great youtube videos that should have you unlocking your iPhone in no time. Enjoy!

Video tutorial part 1:

Video tutorial part 2:

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  1. yeah versatile, thanks, I got my iPhone unlocked(I am writing this comment with it :p) I was wondering if I could also write about iPhone???? Btw, I sent you a mail(2mails) you read them??? THANKS for the videos

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