Demonator Proxy – Canadians Users, You Can Use Demonoid!


We at The Underground firmly believe in anything related to the underground. When we heard word that the Demonator proxy existed, we’d be damned if we didn’t talk about it at all. πŸ™‚

The demonator proxy was made to help Canadian users access Demonoid. Right now there appears to be bugs, according to commenter “Justin”. Hey, we understand, its still version 1.0. Good luck with the demonator, and hopefully it will become something that all of us undergrounders can stash in our underground tool belt.

I am a proud user of Demonoid since late 90’s. Invites are hard to get, but I have invites to share if users desire them. Just let me know! Long live Demonoid!

Demonator proxy at

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  1. hey, i was wondering if u could give me an invite to demonoid

  2. hey, v2.0 is up!!!! you can now login and, yes you can download the torrents too. thanks alot for spreading this around. really appreciate it.

    p.s. rich, email me @

  3. no problem, we are the Underground

  4. Thanks, That site work great. Now all I need is an invite. if someone can hook me up.

  5. hello all, if you have a forum for people who are new to proxy configurations could you possibly be kind enough to point me in the right direction, i’m new to proxy config’s and i want to learn how to set up. thank you.

  6. well, what do you mean?
    do you want proxy configs for the internet or do you want to get to websites using things like demonator?

    currently, we dont have a forums, so just post your questions here! πŸ˜€

  7. Forums distract too much from the blog. I’d rather have discussions on the post then in a separate forum anyway.

    We don’t get enough action for a forum anyway.
    Voltaire: “That’s what she said!”

  8. Just so the community knows, this post has been getting a lot of views lately. For the past few days, it seems to be getting more views than the previous day.

    So….good work Justin! I hope distributing the Demonator will help everyone in the end.

    Also, demonoid invite sent to Amos.

  9. I can’t seem to access the site .
    Any suggestions ?

  10. First I have seen it down. I just emailed the creator of that site seconds ago. If I come across any updates, you guys will know first.

  11. This is still down. Too bad. I had just gotten a demonoid account and within a month our CRTC shut it down. Can’t wait for this thing to be up again. This blog seems wicked as well. Good job everybody involved.

  12. we have posted a work around to the Demonator at the blog
    heres a direct link:

    we will post when the demonator is up and running again.
    just use the alternatives linked to above

  13. I am a canadian who is blocked form Demonoid. I am trying netshade but when I try to login my account is blocked.

    An invite would be nice so I can start downloading again.

  14. hi, can someone send me an invitation to demonoid please?

  15. Shahab, I will be your savior. Check your mailbox.

  16. Hi guys, I live in Canada and have been extremely bummed about the CRIA blocking Demonoid. I feel like I’m back in the U.S. w/ the RIAA. A friend has kindly let me use his account but his ratio has stopped updating properly. I’m wondering if it’s because of the proxy I’ve been using. ( Anyway, if anyone has any ideas and an extra invite for Demonoid so I can use my own account, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  17. normally, demonoid will not update ratios properly if you are using a proxy. just as well, it might be the proxy or the fact that you have a Canadian ip.

    check out our site, I have post a series of links that have proxies for demonoid.

    email (i think)
    for a demonoid invite

  18. Thank god you messed up that email, as if you had written my new email, bots will spam it to hell.

    I will contact you Evolutionary, because the Underground Staff works hard while you don’t have to.

  19. Thanks so much for the info, Voltaire. I’ll keep looking for a workaround for the updating issue and post anything that I find. Cheers!

  20. Email sent with code. Please answer what I asked of you in the e-mail. Enjoy!

  21. Versatile1, Thanks a bunch for the invite. I’m well aware that they aren’t easy to come by. You guys are now in my favourites and I’m happy to support you in any way possible. Cheers!

  22. long live the underground and demonoid!

  23. Did I just smile in real life? Wow. I love this blog.

  24. Evolutionary, if you ever have questions, this blog is the place to ask.

  25. hi, can someone send me an invitation to demonoid please?
    my email adress is

  26. can someone please help me get a invational code
    thanks a lot

  27. Hi, can you send me an invitation to demonoid please?

  28. Can someone please hook me up with a demonoid invational code? ASAP!

    E-mail is:

    Thanks a lot in advance πŸ˜€

  29. i am willing to give some demonoid codes away just email me at if interested Please not i will not respond to requests in the forum and if you want a chance at a code use the email account. I will only send out on the weekend to give time for people to respond and will send out at random (depending on amount of responses)

  30. the link wont work for me. can i get an invite too if possible?

  31. Yes 0l643, check your email soon.

    Kasper, you too.

  32. could i get an invite?

  33. I am out of invites.

    You can not create more invitations at the moment
    Invitation codes are limited based on time since last creation and other factors.
    Please check back this space, you’ll be notified here when you are able to create an invitation again.

    Anybody else help this poor guy?

  34. Man I was bummed out when deamonoid came back but i couldn’t acess it . A invite would be greatly appreciated . Thanks if you can get me one. My email is

  35. Can anyone help out this poor soul? I would do it myself skeet, but all my invitations are on hold.

  36. versatile, i dont have time atm to hand out invites, but i do have a suggestion for you. i will tell you when i next see you.

  37. my email is somebody pls. send me an invite it is very urgent please………

  38. You aren’t going to die if you don’t get an invite.

    Plus, your request sounds more like a leech than a good natured invite. Heck, I’d rather give an invite to someone like Tony then a complete stranger like yourself.

  39. I appreciate if you can send me a demonoid invitation!

    Thanks in advance! πŸ˜€

  40. Hi i’m looking for a demonoid invitation…


  41. Kevin Rampersaud

    plz i really need a demonoid invitation


  42. Hi guys plz send a demonoid invite! thanx!

  43. Last two guys added to the list.

  44. Hey – I’m looking for a Demonoid invitation – Thanks


  46. I don’t think so. Go apply officially in the appropriate thread.



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