Free iPhone!

iPhone anyone?

Yes, people absolutely LOVE them! and there is a chance to get one for free!

Your free iphone is a locator who allows you to get a free iPhone by signing up and earning free credits. there are hundreds of ways to get your free credit. Start by clicking here!

or here!

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  1. You sure this isn’t one of those other freeipod things where the customer has to do offers or refer people for more points?

  2. keep a secret dammit! 😀

  3. Voltaire,, it’s not much of a secret. Thousands of people do this everyday, including myself. It works! 😀

  4. well, please, click on my ref link and help me out 😀

    or, send me some other links so i can have a way without actually having to pay with money i dont have.

  5. ah, so you get points since i sighed up?

  6. thanks for signing up. you have to earn 3/4 or 1 pt or soemthign for me to benefit 😀

  7. i got this phone wicked

  8. Hi ryan. Next time if you write a meaningless post I will ban you.

  9. I love obtaining free items, thanks 🙂

  10. This does work! I took the cash option when I did a free iPhone site and got $580.

  11. Thats awesome. How about some picture proof? 😛

  12. and where did you go, which site?

  13. Besufekad Tibebe

    Look, for many years I was looking for the true hearted, faithful company. But I couldn’t find ,so please if you can send me an iphone to fullfil my dream. So I just not give you creazy reasons, I don’t have family, I am … , so that I don’t like this kind of reasons I just say you ‘send me free iphone’.

  14. I like it

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