Alternatives To The Demonator: The Demonoid Proxy

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[The Underground Staff works hard finding solutions while you don’t have to.]

Well, there are now reports that the Demonator is down for the count. Maybe it will get back up. Wait and see? I don’t think so!

To be honest, there are tons of proxies to access Demonoid. And the Demonator is only one.

Here are some other proxy sites that you can use to access the private tracker site.

Here’s a list of fast free proxy sites for you to use when you can’t access some websites at school or work. The list is updated with fresh proxy sites frequently.

Unlock Web
XS2Web Proxy
Work Surf
Your Proxy
MySpace Proxy
Proxy 4 MySpace
proxy 4 you!
Surf Everywhere
Hidden Visits
Check Profiles
MySpace Waiter
Social Surf
MySpace at school with this free web proxy portal
2 de web
BIZ Browser
Most of these work with MySpace and other sites as well, so you can log into the Demonoid site and download your torrents.
I have personally tested Unlock Web, so these should be up and working

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  1. we have that up on the site, but thanks again

  2. …I would like to say thank you for posting these proxy sites, and getting me back on demonoid.


  3. hey, thanks, just remember to spread news of our blog to your friends and help support us!

  4. The only time I had to give out so many demonoid invites is here, and my invites are limited.

  5. can someone please give me invite to demonoid it really need to download

    thanks alot

  6. I’ll send one to you soon, don’t worry.

  7. Hi

    I tried Demonoidproxy and it works great to access the Demonoid site. The only problem I have is that I can’t logon to my account, thus unable to download any torrent. Any idea what I can use to logon to my account?

  8. Have you tried firefox?

    Last time I tried, I was able to logon using demonoid proxy. Maybe I need to recheck it.

    Any one else here got it to work for themselves?

  9. i’ve been using BestFastProxy, and I’ve been able to login to my account and business as usual….and I use firefox….

    alot of pop up ads, but big deal…..i’m back on demonoid, so i really don’t care.

  10. now testing Surf Everywhere… into my account, fine with downloading….no pop ups, so far…..

  11. scratch that….sorry………now being hit with pop ups from Surf Everywhere….

  12. Hey, thats awesome information. Thanks man!

  13. Thanks guys for all your comments. I tried Unlock Web last night and was able to logon to my Demonoid account. And, Yes, I do use firefox.

    Thanks again.

  14. no problem, we are here to do the work so you dont have to πŸ˜›

  15. If you’re using firefox, get this search plugin for searching demonoid via proxy:

    And here’s a direct link to the proxy used in the search engine:

  16. Well for some reason the proxy i was using is blocking demonoid, so please disregard that second link up above. The new plugin is using:

  17. Hey Guys, I need help!
    I’m not a member of demonoid, but I want one torrent from them…
    If anybody could download this torrent,
    and send it to me,
    it will make me very happy

    Thanks a lot
    Magoo πŸ˜‰

  18. check your email sir

  19. ok. now BestFastProxy and RealFreeProxy are not working all of a sudden for the demonoid site….?

    anyone use any other proxies to get into demonoid?

  20. Demonoid is down at the moment, so no proxy will save you.

  21. proxy servers aren’t working the last 3-4 days now.

    any suggestions?

  22. Demonoid is down, so what use will the proxy be for you?

  23. I’m Canadian. I used to be able to access demonoid through your services, now I can’t. Is there a way to fix this or a way around it?


  24. Sorry to say it, but is down. How long it is down, I am not sure.

    There is a demonoid forum that is up, but that is the extent of it right now.

  25. Hii..thanks for your info πŸ™‚
    Keep posting bro!
    Unblock MySpace, Youtube, Facebook, Friendster, Hi5, etc. try our High Anonymous Proxy with SSL enable, Ads Remover (Strip out Google Adsense, Adbrite, etc. up to 65 ad hosts), Blowfish URL Encryption, Output Optimizer, Hide browser details and more!!!

  26. Demonoid is officially gone.

  27. Here’s one with access to a free private proxy. The private one is not indexed and cannot be found unless you know the address. Should be around and unblocked for a long time.


    can anyone please provide me with an invitation code for thank you in advance…

  29. How do I know that you aren’t a troll?

  30. Hello all,

    I need to get a file from Demonoid and do not have an account. Can someone send me an invite or download this Torrent for me?



  31. check your email for the torrent file

  32. Hey. I also need a pass to the Demonoid website. But I know they are very limited. Can someone download this torrent file for me? It’s relatively small.

    This would really mean alot to me.

    Thank you.


  33. hey, can someone please provide me with a demonoid code, i will be forever greatful

  34. Christy, see your email.

  35. Hey all. I’d really appreciate a code.

  36. yhea im in to some early techno and the only place that hosts the torrents i want is demonoid. another begging letter, please send an invitation code. cheers. globalee at

  37. Seriously, go to the other thread.

  38. – I need Demonoid invitation please πŸ™‚

  39. I am not going to give an invite because this is the wrong place. Go to the appropriate thread.

  40. hi i was wondering if anyone could send me an invite to demoniod, been trying for a while now to get on the site if you can help email the code to thanks for the help

  41. I keep getting an error on both IE and Mozilla when accessing Demonoid. I am running a dlink wireless router and my desktop can access, but my laptop cannot. Any suggestions why. I have tried all demonoid options without success. I am running Avira and have uninstalled it thinking it may be the prob after uninstall still unable to access.

  42. Thanks for the quick response. Country is USA and like i said my desktop can access demonoid but just recently my laptop cannot i thought my Avira antivirus/ firewall was causing this but i uninstalled avira and still nothing. Also both computers are on the same service and are running through the same dlink dir 655 router. Thanks

    • I have a hard time that an antivirus program or firewall program is blocking you from accessing demonoid.

      If you bypass the router totally, can you still visit the site? I know for sure USA is able to visit demonoid, as I can do it flawlessly.

  43. i can now access through this was the only way i think Avira saw the demonoid address as a potential threat and blocked the ip but it is working via free

  44. could you please let me know how to access demonoid now. at work it tells me surf control. my email id is

  45. Hello plz can u give me demonoid user id if u ‘ve or invitation code.Thnx.
    mail me

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