Goodbye Demonator

Thats Me!

As of October 9, 2007, the Demonator has been down. This was caused by no one other than, my Dad. As bad as this sounds, it’s true. If anything changes, you all will be the first to find out.

On a brighter note, I would like to tell you all that I am the newest member of the Underground. I will mostly be posting on Peer to Peer topics. But occasionally, I will post other topics. If you have any P2P tutorials you would like to see, please leave a comment and I will post it as soon as I can. As of now, here is my schedule for the near future:

–What is P2p file sharing, and what are the different types

–Legality of P2P file sharing

–How to use torrents and what are the top sites

This as far as I have gotten so far. I will post as often as I can, but this is my senior year in high school, so I’m pretty busy.

Thanks Everyone!


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  1. Welcome! Looking forward to the tuts! 🙂

  2. Welcome to The Underground!

  3. thanks!

  4. Any idea when the Demonator will come back in the future?
    Also, get an avatar!

  5. oh, i thought i had one! oops. umm.. hopefully when i go to collage. so about a year or so

  6. Fanatics of the P2P super power gave birth to the devil.
    It is the strongest P2P file sharing system Share NT.
    And, Because UDP is used, even the band limiting that the internet service provider does is exceeded.

    Share (P2P) – Wikipedia
    Share NT –

  7. This is very interesting. We need to look into this. Thanks dude!

  8. Hii..thanks for your info 🙂
    Keep posting bro!
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