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  1. All I can say is: “Holy shit! This stuff works!”

    Many thanks and positive vibes to the poster!

  2. Thank you! Please, help us out by clicking on our ads and spreading our link out 😀

  3. The Underground does its research so you don’t have to. Thank you gracing your presence among the blog.

  4. when i go on the sites it say something like mysql is a diffrent version or something like that how do i fix that?

  5. Hmm, I don’t have that error. There is one thing that I noticed though. If I put in a valid link, it downloads a 1kb file every single time.

    I’m not sure why it does that though. :/

  6. it does that because the download limit is done for the day

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  9. the thing i dislike the most is wen site like rapishare and megaupload get rich from other peoples stolen and pirated software.

    thank u underground!!! and fuck rapidshare!!!

  10. lol, we are here to search for you 😀

  11. thank you so much for giving me dis opp…..

  12. I know you guys are using a program to generate the logins and passwords. This will never ever 100% work. If it does, please save some yourselves and show it to me offline.

    Also, I tried a lot of these, and nothing. My best advice for visitors is to not even bother at all wasting your time with these.

  13. see, these things are passed around as well. if they work, then you are really lucky.

  14. 99% of the time, I will bet my bicycle that it will not work. The 1% chance that it does work, you are a god among men.

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  18. plz hlp me any bdy rapidshare premium account mail me

  19. Yet another list of fake rs accounts… Bad sonar, bad.

    Be warned people, the underground IS NOT a place to gather rs point from the downloading of your bogus info.

    This is not a final descision but, any more links of fake rs account info WILL BE REMOVED AND POSTER WILL BE BANNED FROM THE UNDERGROUND.

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  22. Finally a real person! NO bot.

  23. Hey buddy

    i tried to download some files using above sites. but everytime what i got was a 5KB file. (may be due to download limit reached)… then what time to try. i mean which is the starting time of the next day counting (U.S. standard time) ???

  24. I think it is in Europe time, not US standard time? It could very well be that 5KB file is just something they trick you into downloading to increase their points. 😛

  25. Then what is the way out?? cant i download anything using above sites.. (but posts of other people in this forum say that they cud download)

  26. Oh, I think recently those links don’t work anymore. I remember what you are talking about now.

    Like it says you have 5 tries, but it downloads some 5kb file and thats the end of it.

    I don’t know how to fix it, or what the next best thing is now. 😦

  27. Can some 1 plz email me an account user name & password (which i WONT change) im fed up with seeing account correct but invalid password; its driving me mad.
    My Email is;

  28. same here
    Can some 1 plz email me an account user name & password (which i WONT change for sure) im fed up with seeing account correct but invalid password; its driving me mad.
    My Email is-

  29. has anyone checked I have been using it for a while and I find it really cool..

  30. All of those sites are fake. I checked them all.

  31. guys wants to earn a rapidshare account legally and in very fast way?
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  32. Chrissy Ramone

    Use that site! They pay you just for surfing sites. =] a penny every 30 seconds so for just doing your everyday thing while surfing you get paid! I use firefox and I just open a page every few minutes under a different tab and I just surf regularly so it really doesn’t affect me and I still get paid anyways! =]

    I suggest using this to get a rapidshare account.

  33. All these rapidshare leech sites suck. Tried all of them, none works.

    They all have the same single fuckin script behind them

  34. First of all, people are not gonna share their premium accounts because it’s still very limited. I have a paid annual premium account and I’m still just limited to 5GB in 5 days any more than that and I have to wait another 5 days before I could download anything again. Rapidshare is lame, they claim unlimited downloads for premium accounts but that isn’t the case at all.

  35. None of those sites works, at least not any more… and that’s obvious because they use the same script.

    Try this one:

  36. Like that script is any better,or are you a bot?

  37. plz a account to
    plzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  38. please do not change the password, give chance to others.


    just delete ** and replace (dot) with .

  39. Doesnt work lusi, I tested all of then

  40. Now, as of today, NONE of them work. All give different problems. Some of them say “URL is invalid” when it isn’t, some of them are giving 404 errors now, some of them just don’t want to recognize the service. Crapshoot 😦

  41. For the record, don’t waste your time with this. Most likely it won’t work.

  42. Try It indexes loads of them, paste links = success 😀

  43. Man rapidshare is already cheap. Why one goes and wait for such a crap. There are resellers all over the world, so no need for Credit card too. 😉

  44. even so…i STILL prefer the free one..Hey everybody want free..right?..

  45. Rapidshare Sucks,
    Under ground Rule.

    Keep the great work Going

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