Guild Wars Nightfall: Abaddon’s Gate Ending Cinematic

One of the more popular ending cinematics from the GW: Nightfall campaign. (this is the third game in the series)

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  1. I see you put up yet another game ending. I have recorded the ending of GOW 2 onto a dvd from my tv but i need to get the video off the dvd and onto youtube… You ever heard of Handbrake? It was origonally only on macs but now it is on pc. It can rip dvd videos for putting them on ipods. I think i will try and download handbrake again and use that. So GOW 2 ending comming soon!

  2. oh thats really cool, now you can do w.e you want w/ the dvds lol

  3. So are you the kind of person who goes to blockbuster and rents a movie/game then coppies it at home? I haven’t personally done that but if i could get my xbox 360 to play coppied games i would be at blockbuster every other day. Lol, jk. I buy my games and keep backups.

  4. now, thats not me, but talk to versatile. 😀

  5. I am the sheer opposite of Musicmasteria. I do a lot of backups for my games, and I like to encode movies to divx. My divx archive is huge! 😛

    I love my divx player. Fitting 5 movies on 1 DVD is what I love.

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