God of War 2: Game Ending

Thanks to musicmysteria MusicMasteria, here is the God of War 2: Game Ending

Enjoy, and help us out by signing up and earning pts to free items! (no credit card required for real!) Click here!

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  1. hmm. something on the post looks funny…
    you spelled my name wrong, lol

    y => a

    I saw the community recognition thing. Thanks

  2. You should see my game list. Lol, i posted in on my web site so people could request game ending/ gameplay.


  3. Hey, that is Voltaire’s mistake. I fixed it. I adhere to quality and accuracy, especially if it comes to someone’s name.

    Voltaire, I hope you learned your lesson.

  4. lol, the m in “masteria” isn’t really suposed to be capitalized but it really doesn’t matter to me.

    (I was used correctly in the Community recognition though, lol)

    You’ve been bad Versatile1 and Voltaire. Now hold out your hands… *slaps the hands* Now don’t do it again. Lol, jk.

  5. haha, versatile, i honestly thought it was musicmYsteria.
    sorry about that 😀

  6. Lol, It’s ok.

    But guess what… I got the halo 3 ending uploaded to youtube. Once it becomes public, i will post the link!

  7. And here it is! Halo 3’s ending: http://youtube.com/watch?v=OnYZ6k3fvlc

    You should request a game ending from me. I have a list on my website. It has 2 pages of all my tv console games.

  8. Hate to burst your bubble, but we got the halo 3 ending here already, the legendary version with extra footage. 🙂

  9. pwnage eh?

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