The 10 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating.

This week’s life post has been slightly delayed, but here it is not to far off schedule!

Last week we talked about sleep, specifically oversleeping which can have a detrimental effect on your health. This week, it’s a list of 10 foods you probably aren’t eating. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a similar list tuned to women, but for the ladies out there, ask your physician if these foods can be good for you as well (some of these foods may contain an amount of vitamins or other things that can contribute negatively to women in certain situations, so talk to your doctor just in case).

Let’s get down to business. Here are the top 10 foods you should add to your diet, and a little how and why in short:

1: Beets – They can act as an anti-inflammatory which can ultimately lower your risk for heart disease. Make sure you eat them fresh and raw. They’re actually pretty tasty! Also great in salads.

2: Cabbage – Increase of enzyme production can be a great general guard dog for your body – and reduce your chances for cancer. You can put it in your sandwiches, salads, you name it.

3: Guava – Carries an antioxidant that can help to prevent prostate cancer, and has more vitamin C than an orange. ‘Nuff said. Eat the whole thing, no preparation needed except for a good wash. You can find it in bigger supermarkets as well as Latin grocery stores.

4: Swiss Chard – Boosts your eye health. It won’t necessarily make your vision better, but it does something special to help protect your eyes. It’s similar to spinach especially in texture, and goes great with meats, but can also be cooked similarly to spinach. I personally eat it in between 2 slices of seedless toasted and lightly buttered (NOT with butter. I use Smart Balance, which I also highly suggest as a great butter substitution; no trans fat) and it tastes great!

5: Cinnamon – Who doesn’t love cinnamon! No, don’t eat a cinnamon bun, those are really not that good for you (although tasty). It can help control your blood sugar, which besides influencing your risk for heart disease, has numerous other benefits to your daily overall body strength. Low blood sugar can cause you to feel weak. In your coffee, oatmeal..yum! NOTE: Cinnamon sugar IS different from cinnamon. Just get plain cinnamon.

6: Purslane – This one’s interesting. It’s mostly like lettuce and should be eaten in a salad, and can stunt cancer growth. You can find it mostly in Chinese or Mexican grocery stores.

7: Pomegranate Juice – This stuff is good. It tastes great, and it does a multitude of things, with just a small amount! It can lower your blood pressure, improve bloodflow to your heart, and count for 50 percent of your daily vitamin C with just 4 ounces. Go to for 100% pomegranate juice.

8: Goji Berries – These can also be found online at and can be eaten by handful, dried or not, in yogurt or ice cream, any way you like. They’re very powerful antioxidants that reduce insulin resistance, which can help prevent diabetes. Scientists have been seeing these results in tests with rats.

9: Dried Plums – Or, prunes! These can be tasty, there are a few ways of preparing them if you can’t handle eating them by themselves. You might find the brand Sunsweet in your local grocery store selling them by the bag, in a bag containing smaller bags with 3 prunes each, or in a tube of individual packages. Prunes can ward off cell damaging radicals which can also help prevent cancer.

10: Pumpkin Seeds – Last but not least, eating these whole by the handful will give you the boost in magnesium that you need. French researches have found men with the highest levels of magnesium found in their blood have a 40 percent less chance of an early death compared to those with the lowest levels. Find them by the sunflower seeds in the health food section. Sounds like the researchers at Warwick have been conspiring with these guys! (refer to my article on sleep)

Source: []

The Earth produces good stuff for us, and we should take good advantage of it. Especially as soon as we can since we all know how badly this planet is aging. Pretty soon a lot of this stuff is going to be more and more rare.

I really wish the best to your health as each week goes by. Please stop by and leave a comment on how these weekly tips are working for you!

Best wishes and God speed.


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  1. We just became a health blog lol. Good info to know in that guide. Thanks

  2. Dang, I only eat maybe 2 out of those 10 items.

  3. Doesn’t sound very underground to me.

  4. The underground is more than tech knowledge, its about knowledge you can use for life and beyond.

  5. plus, some of this stuff has roots UNDERGROUND (har har)

  6. Roots. 🙂 Well, since the readers here at The Underground are most likely computer junkies in any and every shape and form (literally and otherwise), why not take care of our valued readers by offering them information for longevity? 😀

    Besides, this is underground. Literally and otherwise. Not many people know this about these foods, or rather, their positive effects.

    In any case, hopefully it benefits someone out there.

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