10 Greatest Games of All Time

I’m too lazy to rephrase everything I saw in this article, so I’ll just give you the link and let you read it for yourselves.

Source: http://www.wpxi.com/money/14435272/detail.html

My opinion:

Once again, I think these guys are full of shit, because I don’t even like half the games on that list, and Tetris and Pacman don’t even belong in the video game category to me. And if you look at the quoted reviews, they are extremely banal and predictable, the author probably played none of those games. In the words of Jeremy from “Purepwnage”, they are complete noobs. WOW and Halo should have been a LOT higher.

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  1. they are full of things MUCH worse than shit. tetris and pac-man?
    rofl, they might be classics, but hardly anyone plays pac-man.
    and tetris is overshadowed by halo.
    wtf, WOW and Halo pwn GTA ANYTIME.

    however, they might be rating things differently. who knows?

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