Alternatives To Demonoid

Since Demonoid is down, once again… *sigh*… I, Voltaire, want you to know where to go to get your torrents.

There are some hot options like the top public torrent site, The Pirate Bay , Mininova , Isohunt , TorrentPortal , as well as others.  As for private trackers, I would check out AradiTracker .

However, my favorite is Torrent Search Engine Searcher. Yes, long redundant-sounding name. Heres the deal: Its a search engine that uses the search engines of many other torrent sites. Its real name is TorrentScan. All I will say is you can access The Pirate Bay, Mininove, Isohunt, and many other popular torrent sites from this site.

Happy Hunting!

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  1. Sounds like the torrent version of Metacrawler 😛

  2. yea, i know 😀 but its amazing lol

  3. I just use simple and easy

  4. really is great! It’s the only site I use really..I used to have it as my startpage, but i changed that to myspace site now :-p

  5. i know, thanks for coming 😀

  6. Since demonoid demise I get nothing but passcoded garbage.Anyplace where the muck is filtered out, left out there?

  7. Try isohunt or

  8. try superfundo under axxo files-legitamite, excellent files or DXO for older movies. Avoid rar. files (usually passcoded), do not DL any codecs-these are usually trojans! Look at the trackers-if sextracker is involved you know where you are going….good luck

  9. Moonknightninja

    Bitjunkie atleast they have comments in english. i found out if it has dennis stalker its rob a fake.

  10. i have stumbled upon a site called havent seen much of anything bad as of yet. and some even leave comments. help the scene an seed

  11. Try zamunda

    Its as good as demonoid

  12. May I welcome you all to The Darkside_RG…Home of aXXo! You have to register…but absolutely NO VIRUSES! Or passcoded BS!

  13. Thanks for links. Torrentscan has proved very useful, I also have a related post called The Pirates Guide

  14. thanx will check that out

  15. sup, hows it going

  16. does anyone have an account on demonoid? if so.. tell me here, and i’ll give u my mail so u can send the invite

  17. Did you totally not know there is an official demonoid thread?

    Go there instead.

  18. MININOVA IS GONE *cries* .. just so you know

  19. Torrentscan is gone, but now we have new version of it,

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