[Game Ending] Crysis

With the release of Crysis for PC only a few days old, we found the complete game ending for you to watch. Be warned! This is and will always be a spoiler!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Enjoy! (Take a break from reading)

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  1. Wow, crysis ending on youtube?

    You know this is an illegal copy. 🙂

  2. lol it just might be but there are hardcore gamers out there

  3. Omg, I want this game soo bad now, looks great!

  4. I bet this guy stayed up all night and beat it. Now that is dedication.

  5. Nah man, If you look on torrent sites, Crysis has been out for 5 days.

  6. I’M DOWNLOADING, I can run it, be jealous.

  7. Gah I should have beat it when I got it 🙂 I was planning on being the first. Oh well. Nice find Voltaire. The game was great though. Good thing this person cut out the search for the TAC gun right before Part 1…..

  8. ty, i finished getting the game yesterday today

  9. How long did it take you?

  10. erm. 2 night and half of a school day?
    i got some really good speeds lol

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