Boot Camp for Web Obsession

Apparently, South Korea now has rehab centers for internet addiction. Fact: up to 30 percent of South Koreans under 18, or about 2.4 million people, are at risk of Internet addiction. Similar numbers are reported in China, Taiwan and the United States.

“The compound — part boot camp, part rehab center — resembles programs around the world for troubled youths. Drill instructors drive young men through military-style obstacle courses, counselors lead group sessions, and there are even therapeutic workshops on pottery and drumming.”

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My personal opinion: Either there is too much porn on the internet these days, or the parents aren’t doing their job. But hey, people dies playing WOW, which is something I can never comprehend. Judgments aside, I think that this is a step towards the right direction, and it would be better if the parents be forced to attend the counseling sessions, after all, they’re just kids.

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  1. What I want to see is the article that talks about the South Korea kid dying while playing Starcraft.

    Starcraft 2 is coming out next year, who will die playing it?

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