Words of the Holiday

We haven’t really giving our readers many more words to ponder on, so here are the words of the holiday from Urban Dictionary.

purge the cabin (November 25)

Rolling the windows down on a vehicle for some fresh air, usually after one of the passengers has passed gas.

Gawd damn was that foul! Purge the cabin before we sufficate back here!


sike (November 24)

The immediately preceding statement is false and was told to mislead.

I really miss that show Blossom … SIKE!

Unwrap the soap (November 23)

Being the first one of your hotel roomates to get up in the morning and take a shower.

Dude, I’m sleeping in. It’s your turn to unwrap the soap.


Poultrarian (November 22)

A poultrarian is a person whose diet consists of vegetarian fare and select cuts of chicken and turkey, typically lean and boneless. They do not enjoy red meat, seafood, or any other meat in their diet.
Poultrarian comes from the combination of poultry and vegetarian.

A poultrarian would never eat a steak, but would enjoy chicken stir-fry.

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