A Beginners Guide To Comic Book Readers

Being that this is the digital age alot of anime and manga otakus have moved their large collections to a format readable by pc’s. Why would they do this? Well there are a couple of decent reasons to. It cheap, space–saving, and less time consuming to do so. Unfortuanately unlike with video reading comic books on your pc can be a bit confusing to start of with. So In this guide I’m going to teach you all about reading comics on your pc.


Normal Archives (.rar, .zip, .ace)

Most comics you get on the internet will come in either a rar archive (.rar) or a zip archive (.zip) , these are normal archive formats that you’d find almost any group of files you download off the internet in. Though it should be noted that these are not the only types.

Comic Archives (.cbr, .cbz, .cba)

These are normal archives that have simply had their extension changed, so you can open it more convieniently in a desired reader as opposed to winrar.

Non Archived

These are comics that are arranged as images in a folder.

Comic Book Readers

In case you haven’t noticed by now, attempting to read the comic inside the archive is a bit tedious. That’s why there are all sorts of programs for reading these types of archives. These are in my opinion the top 4 readers availible for windows.


Bdz Explorer



Other OS’s

Well I can’t exactly leave mac and windows users out on this one

Comicrack (mac)

Bdz Explorer (linux)

You might also want to look at these links

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  1. Are there any mobile viewers?

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