Go Speed Go.


The time has finally arrived for a live action Speed Racer movie. The Wachowski Brothers, creators of The Matrix trilogy behind this anime-turned-to-film, scheduled for May of 2008. The trailer is out and it looks very promising. While some of the deep easter egg and hardcore fan type material may not be present (you just had to love the American voice over of talking 100 words per minute) the CG and cast look like a decent foundation for this movie, despite the big name actors.



We also get a sneak peak at a familiar nemesis of Speed..


I for one am pumped to see this film, and just as I had hoped (as well as almost exactly how I visioned it) there will be wicked Wachowski style crashes.

[ Source: Speed Racer Trailer – May 2008 ]

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  1. this is been a good entertainment stuff!

  2. My god, that trailer was fantastic!

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