New Proxy

I am proud to present to you….. the TCSU Proxy. I have upgrades hosting companies andTCSU I am getting a $1500 server (free). The new proxy will not allow you to view Youtube videos but will allow most other things. Please click the ad to keep this proxy up! Click the picture to go to the proxy!

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  1. Awesome, and about time you came back.

    Here is a thought. I tried to use the proxy site to access a video site, and when using the proxy site, the “enter” button disappears. Thus, I have to not use the proxy.

    What are the ways around this, if any?

  2. can try the best unblock proxy

    Unblock MySpace, Youtube, Facebook, Friendster, Hi5, etc. You can try Premium High Anonymous Proxy with SSL enable, Ads Remover (Strip out Google Adsense, Adbrite, etc. up to 65 ad hosts), Blowfish URL Encryption, Output Optimizer, Hide browser details and more :

  3. Crazy how many people still use and others profit with web proxies.

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