[Tutorial] Get to Level 55 in COD4 in 1 Hour!

All credit goes to this source.


How to go from 1XP to 110,000+ XP and unlock ALL WEAPONS & get to COMMANDER (5 Star) in less than an hour! This is detailed so ask questions if you don’t understand.

1- Download this program (tsearch) – http://www.timsvault.com/cheattools/tsearch.htm

2- Unzip tsearch into a folder on your desktop

3- Start COD4 then press ALT+TAB to come back to the desktop

4- Go into the folder where tsearch is and double click “TSearch.exe” to start the program

5- Press the “Open Process” button in Tsearch and point to your COD4.exe which is listed as “iw3mp.exe” you will see the small COD4 icon beside it. Click to highlight then press “ok”

6- Now under the “Easy Write” button in Tsearch you will see a blank white icon, click it. A box will pop open that says “new cheat” inside this box do the following

Under “TYPE” select “4 Bytes” (without quotes)
In the “Address” field put this “CBF0E68” (without quotes) click “ok” and a new line should appear with an address, value and type.

7- Go back into COD4 and click the “Rank & Challenges” button. Write down your current XP shown in the right top and then in the box directly under that write down XP needed to reach your next rank and ALT+TAB back out

Mine has 78794 for current XP and 4126 needed for my next rank. So break out the calculator and do the following.

Take current XP 78794 + XP needed 4126 and – 1 this will give you the value needed for your next rank. So my value would be 82919

8- Now that you have the number needed for your next rank go into TSearch and click beside the last number in the VALUE field, backspace all the numbers out. Now enter the new number you just got to reach your next rank, mine would be “82919” without quotes. Then simply hit ENTER.

9- Now go back into COD4 and you will see your rank changed and you need “1” point to get your new rank. Go into any game and kill ONE PERSON and you will have the new rank. Then exit the round, go back to the XP, get the new numbers and repeat over and over again until your finished!!

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  1. this is a scam no one download the Tsearch. It is a keylogger to find your password if you have steam. NO ONE DOWNLOAD

    • thz man i almost did that


      i have a steam account

    • um no its not fuck face it works 100% no problems… dont listen to this douche bag guys download it its great, simple and works wonders!!!

    • tsearch is no keylogger.. it’s a memory editor.. if you downloaded tsearch from an untrustworthy website or someplace like limewire or any peer to peer network, you could get a virus or logger.. This guy got a keylogger from downloading from a dumb place. The actual tsearch is awesome, and has been around for a very long time. I hacked world of warcraft in it’s release 🙂 You can trust tsearch. Just don’t trust unknown sources.

      If you need a copy, i can send it to your email address.. my file has been scanned at least 700 times.

  2. Dumb f*ck will, not a keylogger; no one listen to him. Since i always scan things i download, this application does not have any malware, viruses or anyother harmful things. Scanned by me

  3. Stupid: Just because you’ve scanned it doesn’t mean that it is not a virus. That said, simply because one person saying it is a virus, does not automatically make it one.

    Don’t be overconfident and believe ANY security application is foolproof. That said, don’t overreact when someone doubts the authenticity of an application.

  4. I lost my whole lvl 55 account with all the achievemets n just everything…so i use this damn hack…but i wouldnt suggest using it another way so guys just play from lvl 1 to 55 and stuff

  5. Does not work work with Windows 7 BETA.

  6. does this work with 1.7??

    couldn’t get it to work

  7. Yea same with me, Mux, I uninstalled the game, I had golden ak and shotgun + rank 55 ofc and when I had uninstalled I found out that everything was stored client side.. so I’m using this hack to get back up to 55.


    You don’t have to do every rank one by one, just add 109999 xp (Doesn’t matter which rank you currently are) and then go kill 1 dude, it’ll ding you 55 and unlock everything.

    I would also suggest that you level from rank 1-55 yourself if you’re not doing the same as Mux and me, because we were rank 55 before and uninstalled without knowing that everything was stored client side


  8. Damn can’t edit my post.. I ment 120279 XP! Not 109999!!

  9. This did work but remember different versions have different codes CC19918 worked for my 1.7

    Thank you Versatile 1

  10. i did the 120279 method and it still shows me as private first class but i’m level 55..

  11. Don’t cheat fags unless ur just gitting to where u were before because u uninstalled. Actualy play like mostly any one else instead of bein too lazy. Dumb f*cks

  12. i tried adding the 120279 Xp aswell nd same problem, shows as lvl 55 but doesnt unlock any of the weapons and thinks im still a private.

  13. How can I use this to level up on a zombie server?

  14. This is all fine and dandy, but I didn’t unlock any weapons.

  15. Is there a version to work on the mac version of the game???

  16. you guys are pretty dumb this thing cant wipe out achievements this method is best almost like a trainer but it changes numbers on your program. so if something said 1 on the program you can change it to 2 if you wished. God all you saying will this work with version 1.7, ive now basically explained to you guys that yes will work with all versions. Sorry to cause offence.

  17. I did it all but doesn’t work in my cod 4. Any idea why?

  18. It’s a keylogger! Beware

  19. what is tsearch.exe i cant find it

  20. well it pretty much works, but u need to set the exp to 1 exp lower than the next rank and then kill a guy 😉 then ull level and get unlocks =D

  21. Plz help i cant enter any multiplayer games any more it keeps saying key code in use and i cant do anything plz help!!

  22. gr…. damn it. i have Vista ultimte and this z not work it properly… I was in lvl 48 and now again i want to play from the beginig private miller.
    after i using this it says “your stats have been changed” grrrr plz i any one can give me the save file with the Keycode…. plzzzzzzzzzzz

  23. Vamp :

    Plz help i cant enter any multiplayer games any more it keeps saying key code in use and i cant do anything plz help!!

    You’ve been trojaned and someone has gotten their hands on your cd key, suck it fizz bitch

  24. i did that but my account the progress was gone so i was rank 1 and did this the only diference is i have rank 1 in the rank and challenges and alot of xp and nothing else exept my rank is diferent in game and i have the start of weapons

  25. I have done the steps but it shows no change…. i use windows 7. and cod4 v 1.6

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