Our Lives, Our Times. [Issue 1]

I have decided to write a series of essay type papers reflecting my thoughts on life. Do not expect a daily, weekly, etc. issue, because these will be purely random. ~Voltaire

A swim coach I trained under for a day told me “What would you try, if you knew you could not fail?” This has got me thinking. Why not ever try something? Must be due to failure no? Then, I thought, why do we have presidents like George DUYBA Bush? Certainly, he has done nothing good in life. That, of course, to me, means FAILURE. Stamped RIGHT on the forehead. But he’s tried EVERYTHING. Even cocaine! And yes, he did some drunk driving as well.

But still, politics is only one thing. Life consists of many things, like sports, studies, schooling (like beating people), and many others. I understand that to be balanced, you need a majority of these things. But then, why are there some people who are very successful in general? Why doesn’t everyone try to everything?

Tests anyone? To be tested and to succeed, that is what we hope for. But is that victory? Maybe. But I have noticed that its the tests that impede progress. In our times, our world, those who strive seem to never fail. Rather, they win too many times that their losses don’t really matter. Contrary, there are those who get that one large victory, after many losses. Little kids have seen lottery winners and they ask, Mom why didn’t you do it? You would have won!

Such is life. The brutally honest answer would kill the child. In an open sense of mind, the true victor can never be those who give their 100%. No. The real winner is obviously the person who defeats the rest. And with our example of the lottery, who is the real winner? Is it the person who finally won the jackpot? Or the sponsor, who continually gains enough that a million dollar payout is like a penny donation?

Bah. and it’s the day after christmas. What a merry spirit eh? So, as my essay on failures and success in our life and times comes to an end, I want all you people reading this to have some holiday cheer and be thankful for all the positive things in life.

Hey, it’s my first time writing something touching here. It might have been hard to follow. Comments are welcome and much needed/appreciated! ~Voltaire

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