Keep this New Year’s happy with self defense.


New Year’s is right around the corner and no doubt a lot of you are going to be walking outside after dark, so here are some tips to keep yourself out of harms way after the ball drops.


Be prepared for an attack, have a dog or group of people with you. Carrying a stick or pepper spray (where legal) in view will make you a looked over target. “Why attack a person with a stick when there are plenty without one?”


Fight dirty. Don’t get in a car if commanded/asked to. Run and make as much noise as possible, run in a crooked line if they have a gun – it’s hard for even skilled shooters to hit a moving target at short distance.


[GN tip: Have a few friends or neighbors you trust be an “attacker” who obviously won’t do any real harm to you that can randomly test your defense capabilities.]

You can start by wanting to be attacked, you’ll be running scenarios through your mind and be better prepared.

Weapons can also be used against you, but if you do have one make sure you’re properly trained and licensed to carry it. Don’t use them as a way to tell people you’re someone they shouldn’t mess with.

Make your practice real. [GN note: You can desensitize your body to physical pain. Find some sparring partners to sword fight with using wooden or hard rubber swords. Besides building strong muscles without gaining much mass, in a month or so you’ll be more used to pain.]

Of course, carry a cell phone. 911 will help you, as well as others who may be a target.

Remeber, even trained people freeze in situations.

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God speed and Best wishes.


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    Hey GN,

    All good advice in this post. I like the way you broke it down – before, during, and training. You might be interested in my post entitled, “women’s self defense and the palm strike!!!” at that points out being prepared and having a plan is importaint.

    I also liked your suggestion about employing a friend to try stuff out ahead of time.

    Thanks for pointing self-defense issues out on this website.

    John W. Zimmer

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