Keeping your New Year’s resolutions.


It’s 3 days into the New Year, most of you have no doubt gone back to work and school or at least back to your non-vacation style lives and might just be starting to realize maybe, just maybe your resolutions aren’t going to be quite kept this year. For the 80% of the 40-50% of you that do make resolutions, why is that so?

According to national surveys, 40-50% of Americans make resolutions and only 20% of those people keep their resolutions and fulfill them. Here are the main tips based on several qualified opinions on keeping your New Year’s resolutions, fulfilling them and perhaps tweaking them to slightly more realism.

1) Remember to keep them just that, realistic. Don’t make a promise you can’t keep. If one of your goals is losing weight and you might not be sure about a target date (even though you may have an event to make) make your target to lose a certain amount of weight. Make it a realistic amount of weight or a realistic amount of work to get done – getting everything done might cause you to get nothing done.

2) Involve others. Your closest friends will be able to offer some advice on how realistic you may or may not be or even if you can shoot higher.

3) Reflect, plan and write. Think deeply about what you’ll be doing, don’t make any resolutions last minute – plan everything accordingly and write it down. Weigh the pros and cons of things in your life while choosing and also while reviewing what you write. Put an outline of your plan and checklist of resolutions on the bathroom mirror, the fridge and/or anywhere else you go in your home constantly. Upkeep it, update it and your progress will motivate you further.

4) If you miss a goal, don’t sweat it. You will most likely miss one if you have a few or more but reward yourself for what you do get done. Just make sure it’s not a pizza cake and soda party to celebrate losing weight.

Hopefully your on your way to completing your New Year’s resolutions, I know these points certainly helped me reach some of my goals!

Sources and more in depth: [ About.comWebMD ; eHow ; University of Washington ; Selfgrowth Encyclopedia ]

God speed, and Best wishes.


P.S.: This New Year’s marked the 100th ball drop of Times Square in New York!

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