[How to] Find Swap Magic for PS2

With the PS2 tutorials being the most popular here on the Underground, I felt it was my duty to help those sitting on the bench to find the magnificent program known as Swap Magic.

What is Swap Magic? It is a boot disc that allows a user to play backed up games on their PS2. Remember that the PS2 comes in two flavors, a fat PS2 and a slim line PS2. You can use Swap Magic on both consoles, but how you do it will be different.

The fat PS2 will need something known as a slide card. You can either make your own slide card, or buy it with your Swap Magic disc. To learn how to make your own slide card, please use the search option on this blog.

The slim PS2 does not use a slide card. Instead, you will need something called magic keys, which is really three things used to block the three sensors on the PS2. You do not have to buy these, you can make them yourself. Once again, search the blog for our tutorial’s to make your own. I have both the fat and slim PS2, and I have the tools for both consoles so I know what I am talking about.

Now some will say, c’mon, isn’t this sort of illegal? Well, I suppose. How you use it could be deemed illegal, but who would know? Swap magic is used to play backed up games, and I”m pretty sure people are either downloading games or copying games from friends to play on their own PS2.  There are those who are using it for legitimate purposes and backing up their own retail games to preserve the original.  The DMCA is not very clear, and there are lots of interpretations.  Stop wasting time deciding ethics and spend more time having fun. 😛

How many people download music that they didn’t buy? Say what you want, think what you wish, but as a tool, it is awesome and I stand behind Swap Magic. You do not need to open up your PS2 at all, which is a plus for both the fat and slim PS2.

Now there are other ways to play games on your PS2 such as using a hard drive with hard drive program like HdaLoader, but that requires extra hardware. Swap Magic is the cheapest and easiest way to play your PS2 games. Any questions, leave a comment and heck, I will even help you pick out what is right for you.

Check out www.estarland.com for Swap Magic.

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  1. I guess you don’t, unless you downloaded the japanese game.

  2. Hey again. I just wanted to check with you versatile because you know what your talking about. I seen tutorial for newer versions of the silver slim ps2 and with the fliptop method you only need to cover 2 sensors. Is that right or does it sound like bull? I heard you can buy these so called magic keys but its cheaper to make them with card. Which would you advise with? Thanks again for your help versatile, I appreciate it mate. I bought the Japanese import today and the other stuff. Should get it in a week or so. Thank you again. Greatly appreciated for your aid. (Y)

  3. Hey again. I just wanted to check with you versatile because you know what your talking about. I seen a tutorial for newer versions of the silver slim ps2 and with the fliptop method you only need to cover 2 sensors. Is that right or does it sound like bull? I heard you can buy these so called magic keys but its cheaper to make them with card.

  4. hey versatile, I have the slim silver ps2 model SCPH-75003, does that have 2 sensors that need blocked or 3?

  5. I’ve been on different sites and im a bit confused because some say ps2 slims have 2 or 3 sensors..others say you just use the fliptop and the fliptop itself blocks the sensors and all you need is swap magic 3.6, is that right?

  6. Bottom line: 3 sensors need to be blocked.

  7. okay man thanks. did you make your own sensor blocking equipment with card or buy it online?

  8. I made my own. Please see the other tutorials, we have a guide on this.

    Search “PS2 Table of Contents”.

  9. Hey Versatile, I found an alternate means of playing imports. A guy here in Germany said he will chip my ps2 for cheap if I take it to his shop and give him cash in hand. The chip is Matrix infinity. Know anything about that chip and/if its reliable?

  10. Matrix is one of the top mod chips out there.

    If you want to learn more, go to modchip.com

    How much does he charge?

  11. Hey I’ve been looking so much on ebay and the internet for a place to buy swap magic and I can only find it available at Canadian websites, which I really do not want to put my credit card info in on a Canadian site, nothing against Canadians 🙂 Can you please tell me where I could buy swap magic Plus 3.6 with a slide tool at a USA website

  12. Hey Versatile. That guy was a con artist so I didnt deal with him. I heard you can use Swap Magic and block 2 sensors on my playstation 2 without buying a fliptop. Is that true or do you genuinely need fliptop?

  13. Estarland.com is what you want to buy swap magic. Seriously, I have an article on swap magic that tells you this kind of stuff.

    Search the blog for “swap magic” and see for yourself.

    Martin – Con artists suck! I hope they rot in hell. You have a fat PS2 or slim PS2?

    If it is slim, then you have to block 3 sensors, not 2. The information you heard is totally wrong. Then you need swap magic. Slim ps2 is already a fliptop, so no need to buy fliptop.

    Fat PS2, use the slide card trick. I got youtube videos on this.

  14. Thanks for this blog.
    I have a question. I owned a ps2 slim black from japan i bought it last 2005.
    If i were going to mod it using modchip so that i can play burned games, do i still need to block those sensors or only Swap Magic?
    Please Help. Thank you.

  15. Two ways to do this:

    1) Modchip (risky)
    2) Swap magic (software and easy). Yes you need the 3 sensors, but you can easily make it yourself.

  16. Thank you Versatile1 i’ll buy Swap Magic to solve my problem..hehe..

  17. I Have A Couple Of Questions For Ya,

    1.I Have A Regular Memory card [PS2]will it still save my data correctly

    2.If I download a game to a DVD R,do I have to use the dvd swap magic disk.

    3.Can I Play PS1 Games With Swap Magic If I Download that game.

    4.Do I Need To Get Swap Magic AND A Mod Chip For this to work or jus one of the two

    I’m Just Asking this becuse I’m Getting My Swap magic tomorrow and I want to know ahead of time.


  18. 1) Yes.
    2) Yes.
    3) Possibly. I never got PS1 backed up games to work using the CD Swap Magic. I don’t know if its my CD-R brand, or the speed I burnt my CD-R at.
    4) Just need swap magic.

    Stop worrying, and start playing!

  19. One more question. How can I install the keys on my ps2 slim can you post up some pics please thanks

  20. Try this as a start. Look up the “straw mod” for PS2.

    It works like a charm.

  21. Hey again
    Sorry if I’m such a pain lol
    But the last step (THE HARD ONE) It Dosen’t Seem Like I Have A Gap Between The cover part and The metallic piece
    Are there diffrent models of the ps2 that dosent have the gap or do I have to make the gap myself.


  22. All PS2s have a gap. It may not seem like it, but the last one you have to be careful and jam it in.

    Yes, you may have to make your own gap.

    All 3 sensors have to be blocked. Good luck.

  23. Sup
    You Are A Genius
    You Really Know What You’re Talking About

    Now That I Have All The Sensors blocked I Downloaded A Game off of mininova but when I swap disc and I press boot it keep saying “NOT A VALID PS2 DISC”
    What did I do wrong and can you help me correct it

  24. Bah!

    Are we absolutely positively sure you burnt the game correctly?

    Tell me what your DVD id code is. You can find out by using DVD identifier.

  25. hey is the process permenant or not , mean that every time i need to boot a game i have to do the swap disk thing or not?

  26. *rolls eyes*

    Did you even bother to watch any of my youtube videos?


    If you had, you would have obviously known that the swap magic is needed each and every time you boot your game (process takes a minute tops). It is not a big deal in the grand scheme of thing.

    If you have a slim ps2, then you got to install 3 sensor blockers, so that is permanent, unless you remove them.

  27. Okay, I’m kind of new at this so please help me out even if I ask a lot of questions. This is my situation. I am Japanese and I can read it so I wanted to play some Japan-Exclusive PS2 games. The problem is, I live in Canada with a US PS2 and I’ve been looking some stuff up about Swap Magic. The biggest problem is, I am not allowed to order stuff online, which is a pain in the @$$. Luckily, I downloaded my game that I wanted to play and I have it in a disk and everything but I know that I cannot play it on a US PS2 without a mod chip or Swap Magic. Also, the game that I downloaded has NOT been tested yet, which means that if I buy the swap magic and the game doesn’t work, I would have used 30 dollars for a game which I cannot play. I have a slim PS2 and I’ve already done the 3 sensors thing but I’m still decisive on to purchase swap magic or not because this game I’ve downloaded has not been tested yet. What should I do?

  28. Oh yes, I’ve forgot to say that I prefer getting Swap Magic rather than a mod chip but is it possible to buy Swap Magic at a store in Canada instead of ordering it online? Also, the DVD +R 4.7GB is a blue disk. Supposedly, CD’s are blue and DVD’s are silver but my disk is mixed. Would this still work on the PS2? Thanks in advance. Sorry if there are any grammar mistakes; English is not my main language.

  29. Man, this place needs a edit button xP Anyways, on topic: Turns out that I can get Swap Magic online but what is a website that I can trust which sells SM for a cheap price? After watching your videos on youtube, I was convinced that this is actually worth it and I am planning to get one. Can someboody please link me a video for where they show how to use SM for the Slim PS2? I searched on youtube but most of them are unclear visions with muffled talking which isn’t exactly clear step by step instructions for me to trust to use on my PS2. Thank you in advance.

    • I appreciate your comments. This weekend perhaps after Xmas I will make a quick video on swap magic with the slim PS2.

      I do not know what game you downloaded, but I am sure it will work with the PS2 and swap magic. Why wouldn’t it?
      Look at this list that I help keep active: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=p28ncn6kYKoMx_0A7VXraHQ

      If your game is new, then maybe its not on there yet because no one tested it yet. All of my DVD-R discs are purple in color. My CD-R discs are almost yellowish/silver in color. Make sure you get quality DVDs.

      Example: Youtube commentor said his Verbatim DVDs did not work. Changed it to Imation and it instantly worked!

      More links: https://versatile1.wordpress.com/2008/02/28/the-underground-ps2-tutorial-table-of-contents/
      Look at the swap magic thread. There you would obviously find out that I recommend estarland.com. No, its not a store that you can walk into, it has to be online.

      Worst case scenario: Get a money order from local grocery store, mail it in as a form of payment to get that swap magic disc.

  30. Ah thank you. I just saw that table of contents and I’ve already checked out that website for the price and etc. Thanks for replying so fast; appreciate it very much. However, I’m having a problem with the second sensor. I’ve watched your video tutorial on how to cover the sensors with straw and cardboard/paper. On the second sensor, you said that we should stick something in the hole from the top (as well as the bottom) and tape the top hole. My PS2 Slim however, has a spike thing at the flip top (Sorry for not being specific) which would poke a hole in the tape if I was to close it. I watched you video but it’s a bit blurry around there and I can’t see the spike from the fliptop. Have you broken it off or are you supposed to allow it to poke a hole in the tape? Thanks again and sorry for the amount questions.

  31. Ah yes, sorry. I’ve watched all the ps2 slim videos regarding Swap Magic and got the price for it at estarland.com. I just have a question regarding the second sensor. During your video, you said that if the flicky thing does not stay to the right, you should put a piece of straw or paper in the hole at the top. But on the fliptop, there is a spike coming out that goes into the hole when the top closes. What do I do with this spike? I couldn’t see your spike thing at the video tutorial so what should I do? Should I break it off gently? Also, thanks for replying so fast =) Best regards.

  32. For the record, that is not my video.

    Go here and try to learn:

    The infamous straw mod. ;p

    I’m pretty sure you are not to break the spring. You have to insert the straw such that it goes in-between the crack.

    I’ll try to get some pictures of it this weekend, but its tough since my camera is not that good.

  33. Where is the cheapest copy of Swap magic. i must know and also i want to know what is the difference between the two types of Japanese games? Tnks

    -Syiboi was here…

  34. Can u send me a back up of swap magic cd on my ID (hammadkhan83@yahoo.com

  35. hai
    your videos are to good and i have to know weather i have to mod my ps2 in order to use swapmagic and usb advance or just swap magic is enough please help me

  36. and also where can i know about Exploited memory card i cant understand it

  37. hello,
    i have Fat Ps2 and just got an flip top case with swapmagic v3.8. Far as i have read it say’s u don’t
    need to block any Sensor in Fat ps2. but when i put the swapmagic in the ps2 and when it stops spining i make my swap but then it tell me not a ps2 cd. (don’t work).
    I have tried with the CD and DVD of Swapmagic.
    1.do think i Created the CD wrong. or what did i do wrong. can u please help. an help will be app.

    • 1) If using fat PS2, then no sensors need to be blocked, only for slim PS2.
      2) I think you burnt the game incorrectly. Are we sure you are using first class media?

      If the game is less than 700MB, use CD-R. If larger than 700MB, use DVD-R for the PS2.

  38. Hey Versatile.
    I Have A Question I Have This PAL Game, And I Want To Play It On My NTSC PS2.
    If I Use A Special Boot Or Change The Setting To PAL On The Swap Magic Screen


  39. can you download swap magic from some were cause i dont feel like buying it

  40. where can i download any pdf tutorial about swap magic?

  41. Pls i need Step by step on how 2 use FCMB.How 2 install on my memory card.did i need lens 2 install FCMB 2 my memory card?pls i need full tutorial of dis.I HAVE MEMORY CARD WITH USB FLASH DRIVE.WAT AM I GOING 2 DO?PLS HELP ME FULL TUTORIAL ON DIS.THANKS

  42. Versatile,

    I will be working in Mexico for several months, so I dug my ps2 out to take with me. I am very interested in swap magic, and I want a legit copy, not something downloaded from a torrent. My question is, is it possible to download it and burn it to a disc, provided I purchased it? We travel constantly, so it is very hard to have anything shipped to us anywhere. I have already taken care of the 3 sensors in my ps2 slim silver.

    Thanks, and sorry for bringing up an older thread. I googled for information and it brought me here.

    • Better to ask now than never. Downloaded swap magic do not work! I ask you to go find a legit swap magic. I got mine at estarland.com.

      The other alternative is if you have a friend or know someone to install FMCB (exploited memory card), then no need for swap magic. You can play games off of SMB, USB, or patch games with ESR patcher so swap magic is not necessary!

  43. please can u help me by sending me a link to watch this tutorial? pleassssssssse

  44. can i use swap magic in running/playing Jap PS2 DVDs? & how? tnx

  45. Can you mod a Japanese ps2 the same way to play American ps2 games? I moved to Japan, but at the last minute (like in the airport) had to leave my ps2 because of the weight….but I still have the games.

    • As long as you can get it, great.

      • Hey Versatile, i know this must be strange to get a comment from someone you never talked to before, but i’ve read most of you posts and you’ve really help alot of people. i was just thinking if you could help me get my hands on a swap magic disc. if you have another disc or know a way to get one, i’d really appreciate it. the thing is, there’s no stores that sell it, and i have no way of buying it off the internet. so, i’d really appreciate the help if you can.

        • It’s called buy it from estarland if you can. Or if you live in the USA (or some other country), send your memory card to someone to help mod your memory card to install FMCB.

          • well, i live in the USA. but my friends don’t get into modding the ps2 like i do. so i dont think that giving my memory card to them would be worth my time. i could try but, i dont think there’s hope to do that.

            do you know anyone that can help?

            • I provide a small fee to my viewers for them to mail me their memory card, I mod it, and mail it back to them. Interested?

              • Sooooooo, that small Fee. Few Questions:

                1) how much?
                2) how to pay?
                3) Shipping address?
                this one has nothing against you, some people i can’t, but:
                4) can i trust to get it back?

                otherwise, i’m interested.

                • 1) $10 usd
                  2) Paypal, you pay once you get your memory card back and you confirmed it works which it should.
                  3) Shipping address is mine, but handled through email.
                  4) Yes. Why would I risk my blog, and my youtube account for this service? If you want to go buy the tools yourself and do it yourself, by all means go for it. If not, well, you got plan B.

                  This year alone after I got my new youtube channel, I did this service for about 4 viewers, last year I think I did around 5.

                  I only do it for USA residents.

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