[Updated 1/23/08!] More FREE Stuff – 80GB PS3 (Back From The Grave!)

[Update]  There are now 0 referrals left to gather! Once 1 of my referrals finally gets their manual offer credit thing finished I will have 8/8 Referrals!!!!

Bringing an old post back from the dead for a good reason! See below.


 [NEW INFO] Yes the rumors are true. Because of Versatile1’s lack of the ability to help me, I am offering [Update] $0 (completed) (paypal) to those to sign up with the referral link. You MUST contact me BEFORE completing an offer or your offer will just count as a nice donation to me for all my services and support on this site… lol. But anyway, if you are interested you can contact me at: i.am.neverending@gmail.com. Please note, commenting on this post does NOT count as contacting me. You MUST do it through email.

There is a limited supply of [UPDATE] 0 Referrals, they wont go very fast but when they are gone, they are gone for good.

Thanks for looking everyone!



Everyone likes free stuff here on The Underground! Here is just another FREE thing you can get with a little work and credit card (but no money).


Get one of the best system for FREE from YourPS34free!

What do I have to do to get it?

  • Well, you go to the link below,
  •  sign up,
  •  complete 1 offer,
  •  then refer others to do the same.

What offers are good to do?

  • Blockbuster.com – Something you already might get without even knowing about this
  • Stamps.com – BEST CHOICE – Just sign up, get credit, then CANCEL before the 30 day trail ends! – $0
  • GAMEFLY.COM – Very popular, something you probably already want! Now is your chance to sign up!

What should I do about the referals?

  • Post your link somewhere
    • EBAY!!!! – Used by so many people and costs for listing can be worth all the referals you get.
    • Only where it really seems apropiate – Don’t spam your link, people hate that.
  • Ask some friends then treat them to something when you get your FREE PS3!
  • Use Cretise.com – See my post on it (link soon)

How do I start?

 What are you waiting for? Sign up and get a FREE PS3!!!

Need a different system for FREE? Request it in the Comments!


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  1. wow, your ps3 links are very very sneaky…

  2. Good luck with this man!

  3. music@isanoob.com

    straight up. you are a nub.
    i would say that it is not versatile1’s lack of help, but more like the fact that you just are too lazy to find someone to do it.
    there are tons of peeps. trust moi.

    any flames, send to i.am.neverending@gmail.com.

  4. To sunfizz: What do you mean by sneaky lol.

    To mark: Thanks mark. I need all the luck I can get!

    To “God”: Lol. If i could, I probably would make those emails mine just to see peoples reactions. But anyway, I’m not really blaiming this on Versatile1. It is sort of like an inside joke between me and versatile1. He rather not do one if he doesn’t have to and we have had long, and I think very funny, conversations about it. Also, about me being lazy and stuff… I know there are a lot of people, that is why this post exists. If i didn’t think people would see it, I wouldn’t have posted it. I am not being lazy at all really. I have to PM like 5 different people a day asking if they can help and most of the time, none of them can help me. After those PM’s, I answer emails from people requesting information on how to get a free ps3 (ranging from 2-10 emails a day). Unfortunatly, none have come in so far from this site…
    But really, I can take a joke like the rest of us but I don’t need flames, I need referrals… If you really want to help me be less “lazy”, then why don’t you be one of my referrals?

    To all: Versatile1 is solely responsable for all the advertisement of this post around the blog. I didn’t ask him to do it but I see he is trying to make up for his lack in ability to be my referral. Please don’t use it as another reason to “flame” me.

    And to Versatile1: Lol, you will be my referral soon. I can feal it… Somehow… You will just burst out with something like a Christmas spirit and just give me a referral because it is the joy of giving that you crave.

    And just because I feal like it…



  5. I find it more efficient that if you do an update, you make a comment also so it shows up. 😛

  6. As a third party animal that does not care for gaming, I find it amusing that Music here is asking for referrals.

    I still give the dude props, as it takes guts to face the world and expect crap in return. Who knows, if he likes well enough, he may one day turn into one of those E-Mail spammers who send you junk in the mail, you know? 😛

    More importantly, Music today gives an update that 3 referrals are left, which I assume is from 4 referrals down to 3 referrals. Notice he doesn’t say where the new referral comes from. Is it from the blog, from his community, school, gay toga party friends, or somewhere else?

    Next time be more detailed in your updates, as you will get more douche bags as myself busting your balls, you dysfunctional assbag.

  7. To versatile1: I guess I’ll do that next time lol.

    To Sloth: Lol. I don’t get why so many people like you love to give me crap about this post. Yes, I did expect some but it is still hard to understand why what I am doing deserves all that.
    Anyway, on the account of the update, I forgot to update the number in the post. So it said 4 left when the update said 3. The actual number is 3 and in the beginning there was 5, not 4 as you assumed.
    The 2 referrals I have gotten sence this post actually came from anything4free.com forums in their referrals for cash trading section. They, unfortunatly, did not come from this post. As for getting referrals from some gay toga-wearing people, no I do not know anyone like that, I don’t intend to meet them, and if i did meet them I would turn around and walk away.
    Why do you care about my updated anyway? And even care so much as to call me a “dysfunctional assbag” for not doing it to your standards…
    WTF is wrong with you? WTF did I do to you to make you want to insult me?

    To all others like “God” and Sloth: I can take a joke like the best of us but seriously, enough is enough. I don’t need to waist my time reading your insults and replying to them. If you are going to insult me, it better be a f*cking amazing insult or your just gay for trying and failing.


    (2/5 referrals have been done)

  9. you do need to L2S:P

  10. I’m glad Sloth picked apart your update, as I was also curious as to how you got the new referrals.

    Hey, if you haven’t done this already, why don’t you go to that forum and make a name for yourself. By doing that, who knows, maybe you can have all your referrals in no time. 🙂

  11. UPDATE 1/21/08 – Now only 2 referrals left!

    1 of which is researved and the other will hopefully be Versatile1 if he finally stops avoiding it…

  12. What is the best site, and how do you best cancel it when they ask you why?

  13. The best sites are really determined by your interests. You probably should do an offer you actually want to use rather than just doing it for the offer credits. But some offers they have I have listed below. There are a lot more were that came from.

    Stamps.com – Completely free if you cancel between 22-30 days (22 to keep credit, 30 so they don’t charge after the trial period)

    Gamefly.com – Great for gamers! Stay a member at least 1 week, credit takes a while to come though. You must pay for the first month (i think like $10) and rent at least 1 game.

    Netflix.com – Haven’t tried but would be good for movie watchers. I have heard this one has a bit more requirements than others so if you want to do this one, ask me about it and i can find out all that is needed.

    Blockbuster.com – About the same as netflix.com, also good for movie watchers. I haven’t tried this one either so I would need to check this one out to.

    Out of all those, I did stamps.com for mine and my friend did gamefly.com. I liked stamps.com because it was free postage for ebay stuff. There was a problem getting credit for my friends offer though. We are still waiting for it to come in but we should have in within a week. So for me, i think stamps.com is the best but you might think otherwise because of your personal interests.

    Canceling for stamps.com is done by calling a number (after 22 days but before 30 days), giving certain account info, and telling them why you canceled. I said, “I found another online postage service” and they ask which one and i said, “paypal postage”. That was good enough for them and they canceled my account instantly. (They even offered to extend the trial another month for free but i didn’t need it so i denyed their offer)

    Canceling gamefly.com is as easy as going to their site, going into your profile and clicking “cancel my subscription” (doing this after at least 1 week and before 1 month if you dont want to continue).

  14. Update 1/23/08 – 0 Paid Referral slots left ! Waiting on 1 manual referral credit for 8/8 referrals.

  15. You really can get a PS3 for free!!! Go here for proof: http://xbox-4-free.blogspot.com

  16. So did you get your free PS3 yet?

  17. Tommy, musicmasteria did indeed get this ps3.

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