Frets On Fire – The Free Guitar Hero

Frets On Fire- Pose

Frets on Fire

“Frets on Fire is a game of musical skill and fast fingers. The aim of the game is to play guitar with the keyboard as accurately as possible.” – Source

Frets on Fire is an amazing program that allows you to play a Guitar Hero like game on your computer without spending $80-100 on the guitar and game. This game is free and guess what! You can put ANY songs you want on it! I have found a good collection of songs you can download for it and the link is below. As for the game, a Free download can be found below as well.

FoF Download

A Good Collection of Songs to use with FoF

Enjoy rocking out on your keyboard!


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  1. oooh man, sounds like fun since it reminds me of beatmania and stepmania.

  2. ya i played this a while back, don’t like how it’s played on the keyboard but it’s an okay alternative to GH.

  3. I just got Guitar Hero Metallica and I am very impressed with the game. It’s everything that I expected! I recommend this game especially if you played the other Guitar Hero games!

  4. can you use a guitar hero guitar on this game. the end of the guitar hero controller i have is a usb that is why i ask.

  5. Yes, it does work with guitar hero guitars, now rock my children!!! ROOOOOCCCCCKK!

    lobster 😀

  6. It won’t work for me 😥 I think it’s the “64-bit crash” (

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