Sucker Free Sunday – Issue 3

Welcome to the third issue of Sucker Free Sunday, where I talk about recruitment policies.

Please refer to issue 1 for the rules on recruitment, but for the lazy, I have recopied the rules below:

Here are the rules:1) If selected, you are committed to write on the day you are assigned or chosen.

2) If you happen to miss your day, and Versatile1 covers for you, thats ok but you are given a strike. Three (3) strikes and you are off the team. One (1) strike will be removed every month you did not get a strike. No exceptions to the rule.

3) Topics you desire to write on can be anything, but please keep it clean. We have children, young adults, fathers, mothers, and the elderly visiting this blog.

4) You can of course post on any other day too if you so feel inclined, but make sure you post on your required day, or that is a strike. Make sure your post coincides with your calendar date. If it posts and shows up as the previous day, you posted too early and must delete it and re-post it on the next day.

To apply, post your request and desire in the Sucker Free Sunday issue, any issue. Thank you.

List so far as of 1/20/08:

Sunday: (Open)

Monday: (Open)

Tuesday: Versatile1

Wednesday: (Open)

Thursday: GN

Friday: TvDenimChap


As the previous week has shown, I have already started implementing the daily themes.  However, I still am looking for people who will be interested in taking their own theme day.  Is that so hard to ask for? 😛

While I am still on the topic of suckers, I think that Music’s post on the PS3 thing is going quite well, don’t you think?  Some of the comments there are outlandishly crazy, but you still got to give Music props for sucking it up as a man and taking a blow.  Why are some people so cruel?  Maybe they like to give others a hard time knowing that they could never win it, or perhaps they just like to see him suffer.  There could be an infinite amount of reasons why a part of the community wants to see Music suffer, but I’m not going to dwell on that.

All in all, posts are going good, but if we have new people on the blog that would be great. 🙂

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  1. There are plenty of reasons why people are cruel, some more legit than others, but explaining it would take a whole post in itself. Also, I agree with all your reasons.

    As for the rules, the fourth one doesn’t really seem like a rule but more of a redundancy of the first one.

    As for the days, I would take up one, but my thoughts or ideas have very little relevance to the purpose or theme of this blog.

  2. Oh I agree, the post is going quite well. *rolls eyes*

    Funny thing is that i just today got 2 more people wanting to do offers and they should be done by tomarrow, but the post on here hasn’t gotten a single reply (other than a couple haters lol).

    Versatile, i think times up for waiting. Your going to be my last one like you promissed.

    Just because i feal like it, here is my scale of text laughs. (less to more of a laugh)
    8. lol
    7. LOL
    6. LMAO
    5. LMFAO
    4. LMGDFAO
    3. haha
    1. lol

    As you can see “lol” can be either some guy pretending to laugh or some guy on the floor, about to kill himself because he can’t breath.

    Don’t well all just love to be random. lol.

  3. Ok, you can take WTF Wednesday, just post funny pictures that you find, or anything else that makes you go WTF in your head.

  4. Well, as much as I want to help you Music, recent personal events have just started and I can’t help you. I have some important things to cover that I’m not comfortable discussing.

    I suggest you continue with what you are doing, as it seems to work out well for you. Sorry in advance.

  5. Oh but Versatile, those cost $25 a pop. It sort of adds up when people who said they could do it before don’t do it now. I can understand Voltaire but not you. Come on Versatile, you have killed me on this the whole way here. You had me post on here, just to get a couple people insulting me. I know it seems like I enjoy being a target but no, not really. And now when I’m finnaly here, you “can’t” help me because of unsaid “reasons”. You want to pay me $25 to find a replacement? You don’t consider it that much when I spend it…

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