Money Making Mondays- Issue 1 [Added Pictures]

Welcome the the first issue of MMM or Money Making Mondays! This is were I show everyone how to make money off of the FREE Stuff Sites!

 I know there are plenty of nonbelievers but I am living proof of how you can get stuff for free off the internet. Here is a list of some of the things I have, or will soon get,  off the internet.

  • (Soon to Come) $40GB PS3 + Game ($400 Value) or $375 Paypal Cash –
  • 30GB Zune ($200) – Live Search Club
  • Free PS3 Info – Listed on eBay, told not to bid but what do they do? Bid, lol. ($71) 
  •  Endless Nocturne Prizes (Fan site of Eternal Sonata, now closed)
    • Eternal Sonata Game ($60)
    • ES Strategy Guide ($20)
    • Chopin’s Greatest Hits CD ($15)
    • $15 iTunes Gift Card
    • ES Xbox 360 Faceplate ($10)
  • $50 Paypal Cash – AWSurveys
  • Zune Charger Pack ($10) – Prize Rebel

If you count the PS3, thats is $851 I have made online, all for Free!

[EDIT] I heard a desire for pictures. Well here it is (well at least part of it).

Click to Enlarge and Add Description!

Musicmasteria's Free Stuff Collection

Why would you not want to earn that kind of money? I will try to scope out and find all the FREE stuff sites that are giving away the best stuff around!

Now I know most of you will think that this is just another way for me to get referrals for my own Free stuff accounts but I am really not. I am trying to spread my knowledge to others so that they themselves can get stuff for free! If you want to get me referrals, that is Great but if don’t that’s fine to.

 So, for my first Issue of MMM, here is the first site I would like to talk about…


Overview: is a great site that requires the smallest amount of work of any of the sites I have ever tried.

How do you make money?: (Survey and Referral Based)

     The way you get money in this site is review other sites provided to you. Once you review them (2 at a time), you are paid a certain amount (usually $3, sometimes more or less, I think $1 is the lowest though and there is only 1 of those a month). Then once you have done all the sites they have provided you, your account is probably going to turn into a purely referral based account. Referrals come in like crazy and DO NOT require the referral to do anything but to Sign-up for a free account. For each referral you get $1.25. For me, I have 43 referrals, each giving me $1.25, giving a grand total of $55.75 but i only have $30 in surveys.

How do I cash out?: (Minimum Cashout = $75)

     You cash out at AWSurveys by getting at least $75 then clicking on the Redeem button. From there you have 2 choices:

  1. Paypal – Payout in about 1 week w/ a $25 charge from the account ($50)
  2. Check – Mailed to you, 2-4 weeks w/o charge ($75)

Overall Rating of Site:

     This site gets a 8/10 – It is extremely easy to get referrals for this site but it is almost purely funded by referrals. You have to wait quite a while before you can cash out because there are only a few surveys and referrals come in randomly. If it had more surveys, this site would be 10/10.

Helpfull Tips to this site:

     Cretise, use it and love it. Both AWSurveys and Cretise are owned by the same company and are used very well together. This will increase your referral rate greatly! Here is a post I created a while back on Cretise: Click Here

Thank you for reading the first issue of MMM!

Next Week I will have another site for all you try out if you choose to do so!


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  1. The real question is how long will MMM last? Can you really have 36 weeks worth of MMM material? 😛

  2. I know, eventually i will run out of thing to talk about and then I would just start Misc. Mondays or something like that, but for now MMM is still here.

    [Edited by Poster]

  3. Good luck with that ps3 site. It’s legit people! I’ve done it also.

  4. Thanks mark! I’m only 1 referral off and i think i already have a guy to do it! I’m glad to hear other people were also able to get a PS3 from the site.

  5. Music, God emailed and said to stop deleting his posts.
    I am pretty sure you should not do that unless V1 or I permit that.

  6. This may be my mistake. As I was scrolling the long list of comments, I think my mouse may have inadvertently clicked a delete button on some comment, which may have been God’s.

    By then, it was gone, and I had no idea whose comment it was. God, if you still remember what that comment was, repost it. 😛

  7. Updated post with a picture of part of my collection of free stuff! – 1/22/08

  8. Yo yo yo. this fashizzle is stupid.
    ya money making monday is mo’ like a fricking advertisement yo!

    this ain’t helping da blog! i seen plenty of stuff by my homies V1 and Voltaire which pwn yo material. come on bro!

    this stuff is a push and gain for ya, and only ya.
    how does V1 and Voltaire get their posts out? they don’t want no gains, come on yo!

    man, get a life or some fashizzle, you’re freebies ain’t real free b/c some1 hasta sign up and it costs cash on charges. i know how them sites work.

    this site might help some of ya, but most likely, its gunna end up for your profit.

  9. I’m not hear to get referrals lol. If i needed referrals I would be at trading them with other members. I admit, Freebie sites can cost money if you choose to get referrals by referral trading. If you really had the patience, you could just wait for referrals to come in for free and have all your friends pitch in a referral for free to. Then it would be free. If you prefer the inside track and don’t mind paying some money, referral 4 cash (if not ref 4 ref) trading is the way to go. Oh and costs $0 with No offer requirements for referrals and I have at least 50 referrals without doing anything and none of those came from this post.

    Anyways, I know you like V1 and Voltaire more than me. It’s not like you don’t say what they are doing is great on every one of their posts… i really could care less that you don’t like my posts as much.

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