[MMM] Money Making Mondays- Issue 2


Welcome the the Second issue of MMM or Money Making Mondays! This is were I show everyone how to make money off of the FREEBIE Sites!

For MMM, I will try to scope out and find all the FREEBIE sites that are giving away the best stuff around!

Now I know most of you will think that this is just another way for me to get referrals for my own Freebie accounts but I am really not. I am trying to spread my knowledge to others so that they themselves can get stuff for free! If you want to get me referrals, that is Great but if don’t that’s Fine to!

LAST WEEK’S SITE WAS: AWSurveys.com (Rating 8/10)

     I added a proof picture to Issue 1 of MMM, for those who wanted to see it.

So, for my Second Issue of MMM, I’m actually going to switch it up and talk about…



     Anything4Free.com sounds like a freebie site but it is actually a Support Site created by People who are trying to help everyone get the referrals they need on almost ANY freebie site. They offer:


-More things can be found on the Resources List

How do you make money?:

     Use all the tools they provide on the site to help you with almost ANY Freebie Site. Anything4Free.com does not actually give out freebies for referrals but helps you trade referrals with others, among other things.

How do I cash out?:

     No cashing out is done on Anything4Free.com but once you receive enough referrals on another site, using this site, your friends, and other method of gathering referrals, you can cash out on there.

Overall Rating of Site:

     I give this site a…. 9/10. It is PURE GOLD when it comes to its Guides, FAQ’s and other tools BUT the Referral Trading can get very costly if you are doing Referral 4 Cash Trades (the majority of people). There are probably much cheaper ways of getting referrals but they would be much slower than this site. So overall, this site is an Excellent source of help for other freebie sites but the costs can get a little high in the Referral Trading.

Helpful Tips to this site:

     Stick to the Referral 4 Referral Trades if you can. Always try to trade with a member who has a high “TR”. “TR” is the feedback system they have at Anything4free.com and the higher the “TR” the better the trader.

Thank you for reading the Second Issue of MMM!

Next Week I will have another site for all you try out if you choose to do so!


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