Battle of the Banners- Animation at Work!

Beta Test- The Underground Banner

The Underground – Version 3

OK everyone, prepare to break out the Photoshop tools and brush up on your Animating Skills because THE UNDERGROUND wants to see your best work!


This post is both a Beta testing of a few simple banners of our own AND

A Competition amongst ALL The Underground Members/Guests that wish to participate. The competition is to see who can create the best animated banner. It is better if it has an “Underground” theme but all themes will be accepted. The best of the best will be chosen by popularity. The Underground Members will decide who is the WINNER!


All entries can be submitted as direct links in the Comments section or emailed to You can’t see pictures in the comments so you must post a link instead. Pictures emailed will be uploaded and posted on here.

(Submissions will be added to this post so that people can see them on this page as well)


Deadline For Submissions is: TBA, Keep Submitting!!!

Winners Will Be Announced on: TBA, Keep Submitting!!!

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  1. First of all, spell check.

    Two, who really sponsors this contest? I don’t believe it until some of the other Underground Staff says something.

    Three, that is one nice looking banner.

  2. @Music
    I just spell checked it. Next time, please proofread your work before publishing your post. However, here are some things that I would like to discuss with the underground members.

    Competition Rules:
    1)Banner dimensions
    2)Banner file size

    Therefore, I will not approve until these criteria are clarified, otherwise the underground might end up with some awesomely huge banner that would obviously jog up the loading times for our viewers.

  3. I agree, there should limits on the dimensions and file size but I don’t know what to make them. Got any ideas on that?

    Thanks for the spell check. I was about it get to it but I see you already fixed it.

  4. Look. Future banners are based on the theme I pick. I could pick out a future theme to give you an idea of what to make.

    In all honestly, this theme works fine. If there is a banner, I will let the people know.

    However, if MusicMasteria wants to run this contest, that is his perogative. Whatever happens will happen, but the reward will be entirely up to MusicMasteria.

  5. This is just a contest to see who can make the best animated banner. The reward is being the best, nothing other than that really.

    V1 this isn’t for what we were talking about before.

  6. Is that really a reward at all?

  7. It’s your contest, not mine. People can participate in it sure, but I’m not wild over it or anything.

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