[DIY] RFID Part 1: Make your own RFID blocking wallet


Identity theft is continuing to be an epidemic, especially in America, and one of latest ways ID thieves accomplish this is by pocket RFID scanners that grab innocent bystanders’ credit card or smart card information just by walking by them in a parking lot. You can protect yourself against this with a surprising, simple and stylish technique.


All you will need is some aluminum foil, scissors and duct tape. It has been suggested that keeping multiple cards next to each other or a cell phone will stop them from working, and this is one way you can possibly prevent that as well.

First, you want to make a sheet of RFID blocking tape. Place a large sheet of foil on a table, preferably a square based on the width of the foil you have, and then put duct tape over it. You can cut the shapes needed out of this. If you want extra security you can place two sheets of foil, although one is plenty.

Here are links for directions to a vertical tri-fold style wallet, which is the most efficient RFID wallet. If you already know how to make a duct tape wallet or have your own preferred style, that’s fine as well.

[ Directions for duct tape wallet ]

[ RFID blocking wallet details ]

You can also make your jeans anti-RFID though I’m sure most would rather just make a wallet.

[ Anti-RFID pants ]

Another project you can do is line your briefcase with [ 1 ] millimeter of dilute salt water, if you carry RFID sensitive things in some sort of case or backpack. This also blocks RFID, though aluminum foil is preferred.

For all of you who don’t use wallets, for example any females with purses or something else, I personally suggest a separate wallet style card holder, perhaps a pocket large enough for your cards, with some separators and a flap with a snap by cutting a small hole on the flap and on the bottom front, just like a purse. However, a full duct tape wallet is just as cool!

Also, this will be part 1 of a monthly series on RFID. There are some nifty DIY projects I have up my sleeve and hope to continue in the future. Watch out for them on the last Thursday of each month!

[ Source: http://www.rpi-polymath.com/ducttape/index.php ]

God speed and Best wishes.


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  1. This is some sweet information, I’ve been running into similar designs all over the net, but my favorite guide for learning how to make a duct tape wallet has to be that one

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