[How To] Softmod Your Xbox in 10 Mins. (If you are good that is)

3-8-08:   Initial release

10-10-08:  Added tutorial links below:



6-28-09:  Added my Youtube video below:

1-15-10: Youtube video removed until I upload new version.

In efforts to get more Xbox tutorials on here, I have decided to just copy and paste an excellent guide before. I take no credit for it, and I do want to say that it works because I have done it on my own Xbox. If you get stuck on the way, I can help you out definitely. – Versatile1

Xbox modification has come a long way in the past couple years. With the introduction of the TSOP mod, potential modders no longer had to shell out money for a modchip; rather just bridge two points on the Xbox motherboard. Now one doesn’t even have to open up his Xbox. Welcome to the world of soft modding. Using code exploits in certain games, a user is able to load a phony gamesave that will boot into a Linux based operating system and allow a user to mod his Xbox… in under ten minutes.

Before I go on, soft modding voids your warranty. It is not illegal, but if something goes wrong, you can’t return your console to Microsoft and expect them to send you a new one.

WARNING! PLEASE READ – If you have successfully modded your Xbox, DO NOT attempt to connect to Xbox Live. If you do, Microsoft will ban your account. Modded Xboxes are not allowed on Live. Expect a complete FAQ (I’ve received lots of emails) to come out Monday, Sept 12th
You’re going to need the following things before we get started:

1. An Xbox Memory Card
A way to transfer two gamesaves from your PC to the memory card. Whether through Action Replay or using a friend’s modded Xbox, etc.

2. One of the Following Games
a. Any version of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell (NOT PANDORA TOMORROW OR CHAOS THEORY)
b. The original version of 007: Agent Under Fire or the Platinum Hits AUF with the Serial #: 1448517 (NOT 1448527)
c. Mech Assault with the Serial #: MS02301L on the inner ring of the game CD

3. An internet connection, an IRC client (http://www.mirc.com), an FTP client (Smart FTP and WinRAR (http://www.rarsoft.com)

First thing you need to do is acquire an All-in-One exploit package. Where do you get this? Launch your IRC client of choice, and type: /server irc.efnet.net

Once connected to EFNet, type /j #xbins and then type /msg xbins !list

You will receive a private message from Xbins who will give you the location and login to the FTP.

Once connected to the FTP, navigate to /XBOX/exploits/_Packages/Softmod Installer Deluxe/ and download the Softmod.Installer.Deluxe.v2.0.Xbox-Hq.rar file.

For this tutorial, we’ll be using the Splinter Cell exploit. All exploits are pretty much the same.

xmod (6).JPG
Extract the two .zip files (SID.Splinter.Cell.v2.0.Xbox-Hq.zip and SID.Splinter.Cell.v2.0.NTSC.Xbox-Hq.zip) from the RAR archive.

If you’re using Action Replay, drag both zip files to your memory card. Then copy both gamesaves from the memory card to your unmodded Xbox.

If you have access to a modified Xbox, you can extract both .zip files and FTP them over to the modified Xbox console, then using the MS Dash, copy both the Linux Installer and Splinter Cell gamesaves to the memory card, switch consoles and copy the gamesaves from the memory card to the unmodded Xbox.

There should be two gamesaves. One should be 4 blocks (a linker file), the other 489 (the installer file).

xmod (1).JPG xmod (2).JPG xmod (3).JPG xmod (4).JPG xmod (5).JPG
Start up Splinter Cell, select Start Game and press A.

xmod (7).JPG
If you have never played Splinter Cell before, there should only be one available gamesave: Linux. Select it and press A.

xmod (8).JPG
On the next screen, select Check Points (selecting Levels (in my experience) will cause the Xbox to freeze).

xmod (9).JPG
The screen should turn black and approximately 10 seconds later, you will be greeted with an UnleashX intro screen and then an UnleashX control panel.

xmod (10).JPG
Select the option, Create MS Backup, which will backup the entire contents of your C:\ to E:\backup\MS

xmod (11).JPG
Now select the option, Create Mod Backup, which will backup your EEPROM.

If you do not backup your c:\ and your EEPROM, recovering your console if something does go awry will be incredibly hard or impossible.

Once you have backed up both the C:\ and EEPROM, select Install Softmod. This will mod your system. DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR SYSTEM. Let the mod install, when it finishes you’ll notice that the installation prompt and status bar have disappeared.

xmod (12).JPG
Because of the limited capacities of standard Microsoft memory cards, only the Evolution X and Unleash X dashboards have been included in this package. I prefer Evolution X, so select Install Evox and let Evolution X install.

Once you have installed Evolution X, power off your Xbox and turn it back on. Make sure to eject your Splinter Cell game.

If everything went correctly, your Xbox should be successfully modded and you will be greeted with an Evolution X (or Unleash X) dashboard.

xmod (13).JPG

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  1. Also, how do I make Zsnes work on here? Its a exe file not the ini like the Nintendo Emulator FCE. I changed the extension to ini but that didnt help. Any hints?

  2. I think I may have figured something out, tell me if Im right…..

    I put my nes emulator and snes emulator in the same folder…does this cause an issue? That might be my big problem….I have downloaded Snes9x X which I believe is the correct emulator….Will try now to see if thats it…..

  3. Yeah I have that same SNES emulator but it wont come up on the screen. It has the xbe extension. This is only the 2nd emulator I have put on my Xbox. I just did the FCE NES last night with no problems. Worked great. But this SNES is not the INI extension and doesnt seem to want to work…..DAMN IT! LOL.

  4. Well that SNES emulator certainly isnt working!

  5. I need a way to mod my xbox just with the coslol

  6. I’m having trouble getting the all in one exploit package from xbins. I get to the part where i type in,”/msg xbins !list”, then i never get a private message from xbins. Somebody please help this very frustrating!

  7. Ok, I’ve been at this for days. I’m using the USB Flash drive method and using Xplorer 360 to put the files on the flash drive. No problem them. From the flash drive (wired/soldered inside the controller) to the xbox HDD, no problems. When I click checkpoints, the game just freezes and the music keeps playing. Same for levels. I have the correct disc # and additionally it is not PH. I’d love any help you could give.

  8. In addition, the dashboard is the correct version as well.

  9. No i did not. The method is not the problem (I think). It freezes as I try and push “A” on checkpoints.

    • You using the splinter cell game with the linux save game file?

      • Yes, I thought that was implied since that was what your article used…

        • Just double checking. You never know based upon the intelligence of our readers. I get funny questions asked that are 100% covered in the tutorial.

          I do not understand why your game freezes at the checkpoints. Doesn’t make much sense at all. You can explore further by visiting the xbox forums at xbox-scene.com or afterdawn.com

  10. Back in my day we didnt have any soft mods!!! Had to solder!

  11. So I softmodded my xbox using the 007 save and all.
    It was working fine until I turned it on the other morning and it boots straight into the xbox live screen and you cant back out of it.
    I have tried reloading the hacked save on 007 again but my system just retarts..HELP!!

  12. Does this work for xbox 360?

  13. should i get a 16mb or 64mb mem. card?? and also, the softmod downloader from xbins is 17mb so wouldnt i need the 64?? anyway, look forward to your response, thanks.

  14. Type this into ebay he will supply the game saves you need and instructions and after care for a tener.
    Xbox XBMC save transfer kit, USB adapter+memstick+help!
    Or this into ebay-150593005409
    or click link if it works-

  15. Hi i have a problem,

    when i type /msg xbins !list on IRC nothing replies.. can someone help?

    or just give me the ftp username and pass? thanks

  16. Mate, can you help me out on the “connecting your xbox to your PC” part? Mine is modified, so I just want to connect so I can use KlinkKai. 🙂

  17. hi, i have a problem: i create a usb cable, i have copied savegames in a sd card 512mb and xplorer360 recognized it as “partition 0” after xbox formatted in fatx.
    I copied folder “5553000c” and “21585554” on the root of the sdcard though xplorer360.

    Now, i want to copy the savegame and sid installer 5.10 on xbox hdd for begin modding, but the only option shown to the savegames in card controller is “delete”. i can’t show any copy command.

    Where i wrong?

  18. Easy soft mod here
    No action replay need


  20. Where can I find the linux installer file?

  21. “If you have access to a modified Xbox, you can extract both .zip files and FTP them over to the modified Xbox console, then using the MS Dash, copy both the Linux Installer and Splinter Cell gamesaves to the memory card, switch consoles and copy the gamesaves from the memory card to the unmodded Xbox.”

    The Linux installer that was mentioned in the paragraph above

  22. Nevermind, I realized that one the Splinter Cell Files was indeed the Linux Installer file

  23. jellnuts48111

    i did the mod like 20 times now and after turning the xbox off and unplugging it for a few hrs the original dash loads up what can i do it just will not stick i have emulators and games loaded that. an be seen when i ftp the box and after redoing the soft mod i can access them but theres just no other way for me to get to the evox or unleash dash and yes i have tried power and eject to turn on single boot and all others as well as setting up to not jump to ms dash what next i just want to be able to play the games without needing to take 8 min to softmod every time please help

    • jellnuts48111

      ok so i figured it out i looked everywhere and found nothing anywhere that says this is a step but i stumbled on it myself you have to start up a xbox game in the drive then push eject to gain access to the modded dash then it boots right up

  24. Softmod your original Xbox with the Xbox Softmod Kit – its easy, simple and secure http://xbmcxbox.blogspot.com/2013/05/original-xbox-softmod-kit.html

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