[How To] Access Your Bookmarks Online Anywhere!

Let’s face it, over the course of days, weeks, months, and even years you have collected a sweet collection of bookmarks in your web browser.  Don’t you wish you could access them anytime, anywhere, any how? Well, yes you can!

I use a site called Blinklist.  I understand there are other online bookmarking hosting sites, but I will focus on this one today.  This is a nice site.  All you need to do is go to http://www.blinklist.com and make an account there.  Once you are logged in, you can export your bookmarks from your web browser, and upload them to the website and thats it.

Next time you are at a different computer, just log into the website and all your bookmarks are there.  You can even import the bookmarks into your browser too if you wanted to.  Now the nice part of the website is you can tag your bookmarks, so that people can find them, as well as helping you find other people’s bookmarks.  Very cool indeed.

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  1. Bookmarks Online – Free service for netizen where they can keep their bookmarks Online.

  2. George Roberts

    How about security and privacy?

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