What It Feels Like To Be Ripped Off – Internet Style

Above is a picture of a ghetto MP3 gadget called “VoSonic” is the correct name I think. I could be long. This was on NewEgg, but not any longer. After closer inspection, you can clearly tell it is a rip off of the Apple iPod 4G. Click wheel anyone?

Anyway, this post is not me ranting about the iPod clone, but about my own adventure. I thought I would never live this, but one of my tutorials on this blog was referenced in another forum, with no credit given to the writer, Versatile1.

The tutorial in question: [How To] PS2 game from torrent to DVD using DVD Decrypter

This tutorial shows you how you take a PS2 game from a torrent, and burn it correctly to a blank DVD using Nero.

Now I’m a large supporter of Afterdawn.com, and yesterday browsing the PS2 DVD backup session, I find this thread:


User “Liltam” had the nerve to basically copy and paste my words and my pictures into his post, with no sign of even giving credit to The Underground. (He even had the balls to edit some words out to make it not obvious). I’m partly happy and angry at the same time.

So what’s an author to do?


  • Watermark my images.
  • Rename the images so Liltam pictures are broken.
  • Extreme option: Fix the current tutorial to point to new pictures, but upload some pictures that would ban Liltam from the Afterdawn forum since his post will be redirecting to my original file names. Hehe, oh man would that be fun and evil at the same time!

What if I redirected all of “Liltam’s” PS2 pictures to the one below? Oh man, what a riot!


If I get at least 3 commentors egging me on to do it, I’ll do it! So what are you ready for? Let Versatile1 have his payback. πŸ™‚

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  1. Versatile – You should do it man. I hate being ripped off as well.

    Show that scumbag you are serious and will give in to no one.

    Who knows who else may be leeching your tutorials?

  2. I say yes. One way is making the every tutorial a pdf with watermarks while making the previous links to NSFW sites.

    What also innerves me is the fact that he actually put his signature name at the bottom of his post, claiming all the credit.

    I believe there is an online app that allows you to track down everything from pics to pages. However, I’ll have to dig around for it.

  3. This kind of stuff happens all too often. Watermarks seem to be the best way to get around it. I think you can find a better picture to give him for all his tutorial pictures. It could take quite a lot of effort to swap all those pictures out and it better be worth it with a good picture!

    To ban, or not to ban… explicit pictures replacing his current ones should do the trick.

    I love your determination for credit on this one V1, Give em’ hell!

    “I could be long” (Versatile1) – Oh really? Do noobs that take credit from you make you horny? Sorry, I love the little typos. I make 10x more than you πŸ˜› It looks like you wrote this post in a hurry though, V1.

    ~Musicmasteria (<— And yes, this means I wrote this all myself. Some nerve of the guy putting his signature at the bottom of your tutorial)

  4. You should do it. You did hard work making that tutorial and all they did was copy and paste. That just isnt right. But atleast the person who posted after the orginal gave you credit.

  5. Show that man what for!

    …hmmm, if these posts were copyrighted maybe we could sue $$$ πŸ˜€

  6. It’s an idea TVDenimChap but the underground doesn’t have any copyrights on it’s work atm. A quick C link at the bottom of the blog should be added some time though.

    So what’s the sueing target amount? 1 cent? 2 even? Dig in your pocket and find some pocket lint, that’s about 3x what we would get from this little noob face for copyright infringement.

    So when should we expect to see some nice replacement pictures on the stolen tutorial?

  7. Man. You betta do this shizzle.
    and music. TV Denim Chap has been working on and off blog for longer than u have foo. pay attention nub, cuz hes posted more good stuff. more stuff anywayzzzz lols.


    V1, you do it mate, just do it!

  8. yea, let’s do this. The Underground has to fight for itself, and fight for what its written.
    So, let’s pwn this guy, because he just stole our info without even a TU tag on it.

    and music, offbeat is kind of right, you should listen to what he says (just shift through the garbage)

  9. Cracking knuckles, let’s fuck him up.

  10. Ookkkay, maybe there’s not a huge mac audience here, but I still had my moments :/

    And the copyright was more a hopeful joke, lol. Personally I like the idea of NSFW hotlinks πŸ˜€

  11. I say do it. I think that was more than 3 commentors =) Let’s do it, let’s get to it

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