[How To] Find Free Streaming Erotic Videos

Hi everyone. On the forum, and via PM’s I have gotten from the forum, they have asked if I had anything else up my sleeve related to adult erotica.

Now the blog is getting larger, we are reaching a wider audience, and I know a good amount of hits besides tutorials with consoles or games is online entertainment, so to speak.

We all are familiar with this thread I believe: IRC – How To Get Free Porn Passwords

Now I am going to be doing the last of these series, and this will be the last post ever on this kind of subject material because it is not something The Underground want to boast about all the time. Having it in our tool bag is nice, but it is not our main tool, if you get my drift. :p

Believe it or not, there are ways to find your sexiest adult streaming videos online for free, without you having to pay a dime or use passwords (Thanks Sloth). How do you do it? Where are these sites? Google may be your best friend, but I understand it can bring up a lot of fake sites, or sites with passwords, or heaven forbid, virus/trojan related websites.

With the help of some forum contributors, I have a small list of websites that can fuel the urge within you. However, there is only one caveat: I need participation.

No, no, and no, not that kind of participation GN. Similiar to the IRC thread, I’m going to post the list once I have 50 unique commentors or requestors for this kind of material.

After all, I could totally be wrong. Perhaps you guys know your porn already, and are keen on seeing something new. I totally agree with you. Hence, why let the cat out of the bag, when I can keep the cat in the bag and move on?

So here is the deal:

  1. Get 50 unique commentors requesting the list.
  2. Unique count is kept tracked daily.
  3. When 50 unique commentors have been verified, I will post the list

In the previous IRC thread, I’ve gotten some wicked comments, from I suppose wives and GF’s frowning upon me for providing such information. Well guess what? You can’t stop your husband or your BF from this. I’m sure they have a secret stash of porn somewhere, or they fantasize, or dream, or illicit, or beg favors from you or perhaps from other sources. Zing!

Bottom line: It cannot be stopped. I am just one fish in the sea, but there are millions of other fish in the sea you got to stop. Can you do it Wonder Woman?

Maybe she can, I mean, she has a whip right? 🙂

These are the rules. It can be as fast as a day, or as long as a year. I don’t know. The community, which is you, will dictate how long before I can post the list and move on. Good luck, I’d be waiting to see what the interest is.

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  1. Count: 0

    I’m sure I will get spam bots, so you guys will be deleted upon spot.

    To ensure I have real people here, I ask you add this line to your post: “Count me in V1”.


    “Count me in V1″

  3. I’m sorry, but that request is not going to count because I don’t see the phrase. Set an example for the rest mind you.

  4. wow you fucking dipshit, fine.

    Counter: 2

  5. Hehe… I’m going to give into this one.. but there are some sites out there…

    Count me in V1

  6. Count me in for more porn.

  7. Count me in V1

    Because I can’t follow instructions so good no more after I done drank from that photographer’s jug.

  8. Count = 3.

    Yes, it is true you don’t need me to help you find your inner desire. You can probably find it now faster than waiting for this post to tell you where to look. 😛

  9. Missed Chyea comment which was marked as spam.

    Counter = 4.

  10. count me in V1

  11. Count me in v1

  12. just for sake of the counter.
    count me in.

    Count = 7

  13. lolz way to be quick after my post versatile
    count me in !

  14. DimensionXxX

    Hey Whats up with the forum?
    “Count me in V1″

  15. Count = 9.

    Like I said, please defer all comments to Voltaire. He is the brainchild behind the forum, and he is not putting any immediate effort to bring the forum back online.

  16. Count me in V1

  17. Count me as one.

  18. count me in cuz this is getting no where quick
    Count = 12

    and everyone who is up with things should know that Voltaire is having trouble finding an ftp for the forums as well as the fact that oldschool 4serious (ex-writer) has set up a forums which doesn’t work, and he is no where to be found

  19. Count me in V1!!!! 😛

  20. 50 comments? Are you sure?

    Anyway, Count me in V1

  21. Count = 14. Yes, I am sure. The first thread with the IRC passwords I requested 30 requests,and we finally got it. 🙂

  22. “Count me in V1″

  23. fine, i guess. mark my vote

  24. Rack, it sounds as if you are indifferent to this thread. You are putting in your vote just because you can, and not out of desire.

    Nonetheless, I will count your vote as valid.

    Count = 16

  25. alright, I actually followed your great post of booting off USB drive on PS2 and saw this post while I am waiting for the games to be installed. Count me in, I am still trying to figure a similar thread about po*n password..ha ha

  26. ok count me in GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!

  27. lets hurry this up

  28. Count me in V1

  29. Count is officially 20!!!!

  30. yo man i didnt get it =[

  31. This thread has no valuable input to you if you don’t understand what is going on here then.

  32. Count me in V1

  33. I would like to play too…

  34. Play by the rules. You didn’t even put in the required phrase. :0

  35. Brian Costello

    Free is the way God meant porn to be: please go ahead. If only streaming video didn’t choke my antique iMac.

  36. Geez, get with it people! Been waiting months for this info!

  37. You aren’t even following the rules, so how can I increase the count?

    V2 will become a whole new playing field. Muahahah.

  38. Heh, maybe we should reveal our secrets 😛

  39. “Count me in V1″.

  40. Count = 22.

    If you go to blog V2, you might find something special there.

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