Demonoid Is Back!!!!

I could not believe it.  As of April 11th, 2008, Demonoid came back and I kid you not, I was excited.  I almost had a tear of joy.  The best part of the restoration was my ratio and my account was still there, so I didn’t have to sign up for a new account!

However, registration is closed (go figure), so if you haven’t got an account yet, you are out of luck unless I invite you I suppose. 😛

What will this mean?  The original admin, Deimos, has given it up and gave it to his closest friend.  Only time will tell what will happen to this fantastic site.

Long live Demonoid!

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  2. Hi. I’m so glad demonoid its back but yet I’m sad longing for an account again. lol. of course, as we all know getting an invitation in demonoid is pretty hard. could you please send me an invitation code please?? would very much appreciate it. thanks a lot.

  3. Actually, the real question is do I send the invite to the account, or the hotmail account as requested above.

    I know you like to type in poor grammar structure, but c’mon. Show some dignity. Thank you.

    More interestingly, why post now, and never before? Talk about appreciation. 🙂

  4. Hi versatile! Thanks very much for the tip on booting ps2 games off a hard drive- most accurate one i’ve come across yet.
    Been wanting to register for demonoid for a several months now- just found out an invite is needed. Can I mooch an invite off you? =)

  5. Check your email.

    For the record guys, I only have limited invites, like 5. Last time I did this, I do not have unlimited invites, so don’t be a douche bag and try to lowball me.

    The least I am asking my viewers is your committed support to visit the blog, and I will try my best to do what I can to make this place as enjoyable for both yourself and myself. Thank you.

  6. Sorry- didn’t know there was a limit, but thanks man! I have a humongous chunk of gratitude for this site and the people behind it. You’ve improved my gaming- ergo, life much more enjoyable. More power 2 y’all! =)

  7. V1, maybe you should set up 5 accounts with your invites and use the inivites on the other accounts?

  8. I am so amazed by this website. It is so helpful. It is the only website I have found so far that has been able to actually help me.

    I have been talking to a friend of mine about Demonoid for months but I haven’t been able to get an invitation code. Any help would be so much appreciated.

  9. Sweet, thats what I’m talking about baby.

    Check your email for invitation code.

  10. Most probably the invites are finished , but still its worth it to express how helpful this sites has been for me especially since I don’t know anything on burning ps2 games =D . Oh yea buddy , if u ever happen to get some invitations again. Email me k? But of course i’ll drop by regularly on this site to check it out. Thanks bro! Keep up the good work!

  11. can someone please send me an invitation code for demonoid???? My email is i registered with them but never got a confirmation link sent to my email….Thanks

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