Sucker Free Sunday – Issue 16

Welcome to the 16th issue of Sucker Free Sunday, where I talk about recruitment policies.Please refer to issue 1 for the rules on recruitment, but for the lazy, I have recopied the rules below:Here are the rules:1) If selected, you are committed to write on the day you are assigned or chosen.

2) If you happen to miss your day, and Versatile1 covers for you, thats ok but you are given a strike. Three (3) strikes and you are off the team. One (1) strike will be removed every month you did not get a strike. No exceptions to the rule.

3) Topics you desire to write on can be anything, but please keep it clean. We have children, young adults, fathers, mothers, and the elderly visiting this blog.

4) You can of course post on any other day too if you so feel inclined, but make sure you post on your required day, or that is a strike. Make sure your post coincides with your calendar date. If it posts and shows up as the previous day, you posted too early and must delete it and re-post it on the next day.

To apply, post your request and desire in the Sucker Free Sunday issue, any issue. Thank you.

List so far as of 4/20/08:

Sunday: (Open)

Monday: (Open)

Tuesday: Versatile1

Wednesday: (Open)

Thursday: GN

Friday: TVDenimChap


I’ve come to the conclusion a lot of our viewers are lurkers, which is ok, but you would think that 16 weeks since the beginning of Sucker Free Sunday, I would get at least 1 volunteer. Nope, and that my friends is very sad.

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  1. Awwwww, don’t worry Versatile. It’s only because no-one has your leet knowledge and can’t possibly hope to compete if they decide to contribute.

    I for one am constantly left feeling insecure about the size of my penis after reading your manly underground posts.

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