Flickr: Pimp My Ride?

[Taken from Flickr: click here]

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I stopped on my way to my Japanese lesson tonight to pick up a red pen (for correcting all my MISTAKES).

And in the carpark, I happened to see THIS BEAST.
I’ve seen plenty of random vehicles in my time here (they favour customization… especially flashy lights)… but this was in another league entirely!!

When I came out the store they were pulling away and it was SO slow and juddery. I just hope they don’t meet any speedbumps in it…

Hmmm… it appears that my photo has been featured somewhere. Hello everyone!

Yes, there are many many vehicles like this in Japan – especially in the new town where I’m living. There’s a guy that’s got a huge hello kitty sprayed on the side of his – but sadly I never seem to have my camera when I spot it. ”

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  1. You ought to put the text in quotes or summin, even with the link up top it looks like your writing.

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