Rockin’ Friday! (Or is it?)

Hello readers!

I have nothing of interest to say today (as if I ever do), so instead I’ll point out something my friend noticed.

So, you all know the story by now of the Austrian guy who hid his daughter in a custom-made cellar for 20 odd years and had 7 children by her, raising 3 as his own. (If you don’t, check it out. Freaky stuff). Anyway, he looks like this:

Now, my mate was looking at him and going ‘Hmmmm, he looks kinda familiar…’


Ingo from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!

Just look at their mischievous grins, the sly glint in their eyes betraying a deeper sense of guilt, the arching eyebrows displaying an almost criminal intelligence, the manly-sculpted chin which was sure to attract many women in their prime… but I digress.

Apart from that, enjoy your weekend!

Rock on! \m/

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  1. I’m very much news deprived. Please give me a link to the full story of this douche bag. Thanks!

  2. see thats what happens when you put chicken back into the freezer!!!!

    In this day and age ,not suprized!!
    There are sick fuckers ,out there .ploting and planning as we speak…..

    They just havn’t been caught yet

  3. Just bone chilling. *shivers*

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