Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is Mother’s Day. The Underground Staff would like to congratulate the mother’s of our children and the father’s that visit the blog. We understand that some mother’s do not like our blog, as it borders on the line between what is right and wrong.

However, I want to assure the mothers that this blog is legit, and we do not focus on the ill-nature of human kind. Modding consoles, and teaching people where to find games and what not is not wrong. In fact, it is probably saving you money because you don’t have to buy software or games or whatever for your husbands or your children.

Sure, you may say that what we talk about from time to time is morally wrong. One such example is making a tutorial teaching people how to find passwords to adult entertainment sites. Well, am I the bad guy, or is your husband or your children the bad guys? As a mother, it is your duty to teach them about this kind of stuff, not me.

But enough of us, this day is for you. Enjoy it, and ask your family to help you out today. You deserve it, and I thank you because without mothers, I would have no audience. Thanks!

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