The Underground: Updates [Issue 1]

Hey everyone,

This is going to be a short memo from me, Voltaire, on all of the updates going on around the blog. For those of you reading this, you may know everything here, or maybe not. Well, the past few months have been trying on all of us, especially AP and SAT test takers (including me). So I’m starting to come back and get into the flow of things… well, for writing. I’ve been doing some background stuff and all.

Couple of updates:

-We lost the hosting to our forums as it expired. We are currently trying to move the forums, but the database backups don’t seem to be 100% working as of now.

-V1 has created a table of contents of the PS2 Tutorials. Click Here!

-Demonoid is back, so V1 will be able to invite some people. However, invites are limited, so if you get invited, try to return the favor and invite someone else.

-Currently, I am working on a toolbar for all readers to use. Once installed, it will allow you to RSS automatically to each new post and comment. There will be a search function through, The Underground, and a few other places like Wikipedia. There will also be an e-mail notifier.

-We are trying to get new contributors all the time. STD Posts are starting to roll out, and we need real life stories to make them more interesting. If you don’t want your real name revealed, just give us an online psuedo, and tell us what your story!

-New writers are welcome all the time. If you think you can do a good job and help us out, please, email us or post somewhere!

-Spam filters are being modified all the time to stop bots. However, we request that you post that you are not a bot (at least on the posts which require it, or your comment may be removed).

So, spread the word! We want your support!


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